The United States is a place where the myth of meritocracy is quite pervasive. This idea that, with enough hard work and persistence, anyone can be a success at whatever she/he puts his mind to. In the real world, this is obvious nonsense but now I’m not reading my lines. What I’m supposed to say-what we are all supposed to say and do is parrot the lie of anyone being able to be what he/she wants to be if he/she tries hard enough. We are all supposed to play along with the rich folks that put that silly idea out there to begin with.

Well, I must decline.

The biggest determinant of one’s life in the US is whether or not one is born rich or poor. Second place goes to whether or not one does or does not have insufficient melanin in the skin. Those without are much more likely to do well here (and globally) than those possessing it.

Anyone interested in basic honesty need only look around for a short time to observe this obvious truth. However, there is something that should be delegated nothing less than a national pasttime. It is the game played by whites. The game of pretending away this reality; adults playing make believe with each other, mass delusion. Or perhaps a form of collective insanity.

In everything, from sports to politics to education to jobs, white folks discuss things with an increasingly impressively contorted vocabularly. Performing all manner of rhetorical gymnastics to describe this world around us in any terms except race. It’s quite amusing to read the New York Times or watch CNN or any of the other ruling class mass media perform their magic in real time. Now, the average right winger in America is the most honest white there is. Wearing her/his white supremacist pedigree like a badge of honor, those of that ilk usually tell the truth. The white liberal (they now have taken to calling themselves progressives) is the worst offender. He/she sees a racial component in much of American life but simply prefers not to characterize it in those terms, hence the rhetorical gymnastics. All the other whites fall somewhere in between, more often than not, having the white supremacist mindset of the right wing but complying with the genteel political correctness of the white Left, deftly hiding the truth of their feelings at every turn.

Living here in Atlanta, I’m forced to endure this insanity everyday and so this online journal is dedicated to the fact that I can’t hold my tongue any longer.

I’ll be commenting on everything from right wing and progressive Atlanta politics to the rabid policies of the national right wing and their accomplices, the Democrats to the awkward shuffle of that increasingly vocal group of whites that likes to call itself the American Left.

And since one of the pet peeves of most whites is for another white or non-white person to use the word ‘white’, I thought I’d get that out in the open right away. I haven’t the time to tell sophisticated lies about the most obvious things. Go to Common Dreams or Huffington Post of that’s your fancy. And since most of the English speaking internet is white, perhaps some of what I say will appear to be unique (it’s not, of course. It’s all been said before by people greater than I) amid a sea of byte after byte of lies.

Stay tuned.

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