60 Minutes Finally Trots Out The Troops

60 Minutes joins other credible news outlets such as the NYTimes and CNN in the effort to finally move on and get beyond the Iraq War and specifically, their roles in promoting it. In its new endeavor, 60 Minutes is having a group of US soldiers speak on air about how they don’t support the war.

This airing is supposed to represent something.

It means that 60 Minutes is responsive to shifts in public opinion. This show represents the idea being feverishly pushed that the US public is against–oops–has turned against the war. That’s the lie of course. The crucial lie. The US public, according to Gallup in February 2003 and according to collective common sense meters, was against the war before it began. The US public was against the war while the media was for the war.

During the leadup to the war, the corporat mass media trotted out general after general and expert after expert and govt analyst after govt analyst telling us that no matter what we felt, once the war began we had to ‘support the troops’ (STT). Accordingly, after the war began, the US public polled to be in favor of the war.

Thus, today’s program by 60 Minutes is their way of atoning for their imperialist assist to the ruling class in getting the war started by doing their part to end it. Of course they aren’t really doing their part to end it. Their part being simply reporting the truth. 60 Minutes is only contributing to an ongoing narrative familiar to the US public that says that the US is now turning against the war. This phase includes US troops.

All of this is just build up for the Velvet Glove of imperialism. 2008 and the Democrats. There has been so much upheaval and betrayal. Betrayal of the public by the Congress and particularly by the Democrats in Congress.
Betrayal of the public by the mass media that cheerleaded and promoted the war when that was needed by their ruling class advertisement paymasters.
Betrayal of the troops many of whom only signed up thinking that time in the military would give them a leg up in the capitalist order that typically relegates those of their class to the ghetto, prison or a dead end existence.
Betrayal of the young by the old who didn’t do enough in the 80s and 90s to affect the society preventing this war.

Betrayal begets antagonism which is the precursor for change. Betrayal is the name of the game in this, our society. But the rulers understand that when you pack this much betrayal into such a short time period that there is a chance that things could boil over. This of course cannot be allowed to happen so elites need to massage public opinion very carefully at this moment.

Opinion needs to move like this.

The idea that people are turning against the war must take hold. The Democrats will do as little as possible to actually capitalize on the purported shift. This will make people angry, antagonistic and sick of the Democrats. However, Bush will become more and more obstinate with plans like The Surge and his continued assertion that the US is ‘winning’. The increasingly radicalism of Bush is the key here.

The dissonant psychological tension between the purported shift in public opinion and the continued collusion of the Democrats is harmonized by the intolerable rightward drift of the Bush people making a Dem Party presidency not mildly tolerable but perhaps preferable. Nothing will change. As nothing ever really changes when the Dems take power. But the corporate mass media psychological game will make a change from the Bush people a public priority.

This will take all the winds out of the sails of any faction pointing out that the Dems betrayed us too. Those factions, those Greens, those Naderites, will be marginalized more than ever before by the corporate mass media because unlike in previous election cycles, with the level of betrayal and thus the level of antagonism within the public psyche, those factions are more dangerous than they’ve ever been. Thus the need to combat them with complex psychological warfare aimed at their marginalization.

This 60 Minutes program is only a small part in an ongoing strategy to marginalize radical elements and make ready the public mind for the Democratic Party in ’08. And this is still the early stages. The serious warfare is yet to come.

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