Ga Senate Resolution 81: Iran Attack Impending?

One month ago here in Georgia, the Senate unanimously passed this resolution condemning Iran, Syria and Lebanon in terms similar to those used in the lead up to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Language from the resolution includes statements such as,

the Iranian regime has threatened to destroy the State of Israel
Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

Considering Iran’s and Israel’s military history in the region, the statements resolution seem stupid or nefarious. The resolution also includes outright lies.

In a completely unprovoked attack that occurred in undisputed Israeli territory on July 12, 2006, operatives of the terrorist group Hezbollah operating out of southern Lebanon killed three Israeli soldiers and took two others hostage;

A lie that was quickly revealed but not until after it was splashed across headlines worldwide by outlets such as the ‘paper of record‘. The resolution ‘urges’ the int’l community to impose ‘sweeping sanctions’ on both Iran and Syria for Lebanon-based Hezbollah’s alleged crimes against Israel. The resolution does not mention the invasion that followed these accusations in which 1,123 Lebanese were killed by Israel and many more made refugees by the destruction.

Why is the Ga General Assembly expending time with this kind of resolution? It has no binding effect and state legislatures don’t determine national foreign policy. It has been suggested that this is part of a multi-state initiative to drum up support for what will soon be a national push to invade or more likely bomb Iran or both. I think this is unlikely but that does not explain the drafting and unanimous passage of the resolution. My theory is that this is a diversionary tactic designed to take steam out of anti-war efforts aimed at raising public awareness of the atrocities committed and still being committed in Iraq.

Since I’ve found no evidence that this is a widespread, multi-state strategy of gathering support nationwide, the only thing I can think of as to why this happened is to

  • Trick white progressive anti-war activists into turning against the few progressive (mostly black) and quasi-progressive legislators in the Ga General Assembly who were likely bullied with nationalism into voting for this resolution feeling it is meaningless anyways.
  • Trick anti-war activists into focusing more attention on stopping an attack on Iran when an AP/Ipsos poll recently released illustrates quite clearly that the anti-war movement (if it can be called that) has it’s work cut out just in educating the public about what is happening in the 4 year long Iraq conflict. No less, impending attacks elsewhere.

Seems like a psychological warfare tactic against antiwar activists in GA. Specifically those in the Atlanta area that follow the happenings of the state General Assembly and have relationships with thought to be progressive assembly members.

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