The Pelosi Plan vs The Lee Amendment

Much has been written and said about the Pelosi Plan on Iraq that recently passed the US House of Representatives. It is expected to not pass the Senate and if it somehow does (it won’t because of Lieberman and other conservative Dems) Bush has promised to veto it knowing that whatever happens, there will not be enough votes to override a presidential veto, making just about any plan a waste of time except to clearly state the positions for everyone to see.

First off, we should remember that both of these plans are actually amendments. Amendments to what? To the bill for emergency war funding requested by George Bush to the tune of $93,400,000,000. That’s billion with a b. So this is all about putting more money into the war machine that has killed somewhere in the range of a million Iraqi civilians according to a 2006 study by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The Dems and the Republicans agree on this 93.4 billion continued funding of the massacre. That’s not being debated. What is being debated within the Democratic Party. Well, it’s not actually being debated because the Dems, with the assistance of, have managed to hide the Lee Amendment from public view. So there is no genuine public debate, only a private squabble within the

Dem Party.

The Pelosi Amendment

  • Doesn’t affect the handing over of the 124,00,000,000 for the war
  • Calls for US occupation troop withdrawal by August 2008


The Lee Amendment

  • Doesn’t affect the handing over of the 124,000,000,000 for the war
  • Calls for completion of US occupation troop withdrawal by December 31, 2007

The actual text of the Lee Amendment can be found here.
Lee states on her website that the content of her amendment is based on national polling indicating about 60% of US citizens want out of Iraq by the end of 2007.

Pelosi’s plan requests that some troop be out of Iraq by August of 2008, right before the presidential elections.

The fact that there was no public debate about the two amendments is most troubling. Groups like have simply become appendages of the Democratic National Committee while continuing to pose as independent grassroots organizations responsive to ordinary people. The games played with this Iraq funding bill indicate that independence and grassroots have little to do with what is happening at MoveOn and certainly not the Democratic Party which appears to be controlled by the business interests benefiting from the conflict and killing in Iraq.

Despite false and revised poll results, the US public never wanted an invasion of Iraq. And now, despite the endless support the troops propaganda campaign, the US public wants out. The Democrats and their fake grassroots functionaries like are determined to bend to the will of the public all the while attempting to maintain democratic facades. As the DNC moves to continue funding the human catastrophe in Iraq even honest debate about when to end the occupation is not allowed. By obscuring and hiding the option of the Lee Amendment, the Dems have illustrated their commitment to continuing this war, even in the face of massive public disillusionment and outright opposition.

We need a third way.

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