Ga House Bill 227 (EOTWB)

On March 20th 2007 166 Georgia assembly legislators bowed down to AT&T and other vulture like corporations salivating at the prospect of video franchising moving from the local level to the state level. Cable and high-speed internet rates and access levels are atrocious RIGHT NOW. HB 227 seeks to roll back any advances made through advocacy aimed at ending or even curbing redlining. HB 227 aims to make redlining, high cable/internet rates and the digital divide all permanent features of Georgia society.

Only Tyrone Brooks of Fulton County (District 63) and Randall Mangham of Dekalb County (District 94) saw fit to vote against the acid measure.

A website has been set up informing Georgians as to some facts and the significance of this legislation as well as updates on it’s status. Please visit and check out the information around this bill.

The push to make this bill law is a bipartisan corporate effort that will only be halted or slowed by way of tremendous outcry from the public. Call your state senator. Judging from the way the House folded, nothing but the threatening pressure of election year reprisal is going to stop this from going through.

Click on names for office numbers and fax numbers. Email addresses are right here on the page. Find your city and contact your senator now or they will surely stab us in the back like 166 of our house member did.

Senator District Email City, State
Adelman, David (Democrat) 42 Decatur, GA
Balfour, Don (Republican) 9 Snellville, GA
Brown, Robert (Democrat) 26 Macon, GA
Bulloch, John (Republican) 11 Ochlocknee, GA
Butler, Gloria S. (Democrat) 55 Stone Mountain, GA
Carter, Joseph (Republican) 13 Tifton, GA
Chance, Ronnie (Republican) 16 Tyrone, GA
Chapman, Jeff (Republican) 3 Brunswick, GA
Cowsert, Bill (Republican) 46 Athens, GA
Davenport, Gail (Democrat) 44 Jonesboro, GA
Douglas, John (Republican) 17 Social Circle, GA
Fort, Vincent (Democrat) 39 Atlanta, GA
Goggans, Greg (Republican) 7 Douglas, GA
Golden, Tim (Democrat) 8 Valdosta, GA
Grant, Johnny (Republican) 25 Milledgeville, GA
Hamrick, William (Republican) 30 Carrollton, GA
Harbison, Ed (Democrat) 15 Columbus, GA
Harp, Seth (Republican) 29 Midland, GA
Hawkins, Lee (Republican) 49 Gainesville, GA
Heath, Bill (Republican) 31 Bremen, GA
Henson, Steve (Democrat) 41 Tucker, GA
Hill, Jack (Republican) 4 Reidsville, GA
Hill, Judson (Republican) 32 Marietta, GA
Hooks, George (Democrat) 14 Americus, GA
Hudgens, Ralph T (Republican) 47 Comer, GA
Johnson, Eric (Republican) 1 Savannah, GA
Jones, Emanuel (Democrat) 10 Decatur, GA
Meyer von Bremen, Michael (Democrat) 12 Albany, GA
Moody, Dan (Republican) 56 Alpharetta, GA
Mullis, Jeff (Republican) 53 Chickamauga, GA
Murphy, Jack (Republican) 27 Cumming, GA
Orrock, Nan (Democrat) 36 Atlanta, GA
Pearson, Chip (Republican) 51 Dawsonville, GA
Powell, J. B. (Democrat) 23 Blythe, GA
Ramsey, Sr., Ronald B. (Democrat) 43 Lithonia, GA
Reed, Kasim (Democrat) 35 Atlanta, GA
Rogers, Chip (Republican) 21 Woodstock, GA
Schaefer, Nancy (Republican) 50 Turnerville, GA
Seabaugh, Mitch (Republican) 28 Sharpsburg, GA
Seay, Valencia (Democrat) 34 Riverdale, GA
Shafer, David (Republican) 48 Duluth, GA
Smith, Preston W. (Republican) 52 Rome, GA
Staton, Cecil (Republican) 18 Macon, GA
Stoner, Doug (Democrat) 6 Smyrna, GA
Tarver, Ed (Democrat) 22 Augusta, GA
Tate, Horacena (Democrat) 38 Atlanta, GA
Thomas, Don (Republican) 54 Dalton, GA
Thomas, Regina D. (Democrat) 2 Savannah, GA
Thompson, Curt (Democrat) 5 Norcross, GA
Thompson, Steve (Democrat) 33 Marietta, GA
Tolleson, Ross (Republican) 20 Perry, GA
Unterman, Renee S (Republican) 45 Buford, GA
Weber, Dan (Republican) 40 Dunwoody, GA
Whitehead, Sr., Jim (Republican) 24 Evans, GA
Wiles, John J. (Republican) 37 Kennesaw, GA
Williams, Tommie (Republican) 19 Lyons, GA

This bill will allow redlining in Georgia for decades.

Call, fax or email your senator today.


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