Why Corporate Media Sucks

Wall Street demands that businesses they ‘like’ have profit margins in the 22-29 percentile range. At least. Most businesses operate at a 10 percent profit margin. But for the big corporations, the multinationals that the speculation of Wall Street is based upon, 10 percent is unacceptable. Thus when the idea is even floated out that news networks return to around 10 percent margins, howls of hostile takeovers and disinvestment in those businesses immediately ends the discussion. So the sensationalism and the spectacle that is corporate media, rolls on. Scott Peterson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jon Benet, and the rest, take the place of news relevant to most people’s lives and well-being.

The reason that ABCNNBCBS and FOX must put bullshit on 24/7 and can’t discuss real news is because if they were to honestly attempt to do so, the only thing that they would end up covering would be themselves.


Yes, ABCNNBCBS and FOX are all huge multibillion dollar corporations with financial (as in advertising) and directorship ties to many other corporations with the money running well into the trillions. If they were to begin actually running news, reporting on the things most affecting the lives of their typical viewers, the Anna Nicole stories would be gone and reports about the wrong-doing of corporations would take their place. Some people argue that they run the Anna Nicole and the O.J. stuff because it’s exciting and people want exciting. Seriously now. Anyone that has watched any of those networks must see all of the graphics and programming bells and whistles they have. They can make anything sensational if they want to. A series of stories about Cheney’s yachts and summer homes financed with the bones of Iraqi babies? Even I could make that story ‘sexy’. So it isn’t that the other material is boring. It’s that all the other dirt to be reported is about them. Them or their buddies who bring in the ad revenue that provides 6 figure salaries for everyone.

The economic model of our media system dictates the content. This is just the way that it is and no amount of letter writing or ‘speaking truth to power’ (for a group that supposedly doesn’t know the truth, power sure does a lot to hide it from the rest of us). Nothing less than organizing regular people will ever change what we see and hear from the media. Organizing people will inevitably lead to changes in consciousness. At which point, all kinds of solutions will become self-evident. Right now, half of the enlightened are expending time speaking truth to CNN with their letters. Another group is protesting in front of CNN and hoping CNN will report on the protest (!!??!!??). And still another group thinks we should boycott CNN with the ten people in the coalition.

The corporate media sucks and it won’t change–correction, it can’t change. It’s economic model insists that it exist as is. It is unclear to me, what form massive change will take but whatever it is, it will entail lots of people, not only an enlightened few.

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