Did Ahmadinejad Really Deny the Holocaust and Threaten To Destroy Israel?

The New York Times, along with other global media has repeatedly printed that the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, did just that. However, a comparison with an independent translation reaches a different conclusion. And it seems that the claims are just more spin and disinformation.

This article found over at Information Clearing House is a must read. In the style of the Bin Laden 9/11 ‘confession tapes’ this is classic disinformation.

Ahmadinejad did have a hand in hosting the Tehran conference in December of last year that gave safe haven to those denying that the Holocaust occurred.  And whether intentional or not, it certainly was predictable.  So while the reporting of his later comments was purposely misinterpreted by US media and media across Europe, he had a hand in bringing this on himself with his intentionally provocative role in hosting the December conference to ‘study’ the Holocaust.

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