Should Imus Be Fired?

Imus is a nationally syndicated show that commonly hosts national and international political figures.

Imus’ show and others like it have the ability to set standards for the rest of the nation.

Imus has a documented history of racism.

He refers to black women as a bunch of ‘nappy headed hos’.

This isn’t complicated.

He should be fired.

What is a bit more complicated is the resistance and opposition being put up from blacks.  A popular theme among many black talk show callers as well as commentators is the idea that these black women didn’t deserve the slur because they are college students.  I would think it obvious, the problems with this logic but because so many commentators and regular folks have repeated this garbage, I’ll spell out their acid logic.

Some black women do deserve to be called nappy headed hos.

This is what they must mean by the repeated statements detailing the accomplishments of this group, obviously intended as proof that these women were innocent, the other term I’ve heard used to describe the targets of Imus’ racism.  Jill goes further, breaking down the BS logic of worthy and unworthy targets of racism over on her blog.  These black folks and especially Sharpton and NABJ president Brian Monroe, who particularly disappoint, need to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War and get a clue.  You don’t defend one position by unnecessarily sacrificing another.  Or in this case, defend one group of people by throwing many others under the bus.  And completely unnecessarily (strategically speaking).

Imus is appearing on Sharpton’s show acknowledging that he realizes his career, as in millions of bucks, sits precariously in the balance.   I was going to leave this topic but Imus is getting his ass handed to him so beautifully by Sharpton that I’ll have to revisit this in the future.

Imus should be canned.  And if not, GM, one of his biggest corporate supporters should be canned.

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