Mike Lukovich of the AJC Pulls The Punch-Not!

Va Tech Iraq Toon

I can’t claim to be a big fan of Lukovich because I’m not a fan of the AJC, a horribly racist daily publication with a racist history to match its current incarnation. However, Lukovich, the AJC’s cartoonist, is right on the money with this banger which, intended or not, is harshly critical of his employer, the AJC which is more guilty than most pubs of having questionable prioritizing skills. Not that the rest of the corporate media is much better. Providing information about the suffering we pay for is not in the interest of corporations profiting from that suffering. Nor is it in the interest of the sons and daughters of today’s corporate managers waiting in the wings to profit off the next war. Just kidding. The US isn’t gonna be around that long.

There was also an accompanying poll to the toon asking Atlanta Journal-Constitution readers if they agreed with the cartoon. It was at 69% in favor with 31% disagreeing before the AJC yanked the sketch and the poll from it’s website. They also turned off the comments curtailing any public criticism for having removed the sketch and poll.

As of 6pm EST (if not sooner) the AJC has reopened the poll and comments.

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