New York Times Driving Wedge Between Obama and the Black Community; Using Racist Fear Tactics On White Electorate

This is significant in that many presidential candidates and politicians generally, espouse religious beliefs because the US is a very religious country. Why then, is Barak Obama’s claims to religiosity garnered so much suspicion from the Times? Read their article interrogating the temerity of Mr. Obama’s faith. Highlighting the differences between Obama and his pastor and friend of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., and in conjunction with a multimedia presentation, the Times attempts to create an online echo chamber that will have predictable results. Online forces of those in the Hillary camp as well as the overt Right Wing will increasingly question Obama’s religious credentials knowing that if this catches on in the next year leading up to the primaries, it will discredit him with the religious black community as well as create a psychological conundrum for white liberals wary of being seen as supporting a black candidate considered credible by the black community.

Read the Times article and listen to the accompanying mp3 audio which together attempt to make the case that Obama isn’t really religious but plays a religious character on TV.

Along with attempting to throw into doubt Obama’s religious credentials, the Times piece obviously seeks to highlight Obama’s optimistic ‘we can all get along’ politics against his pastor’s politics of liberation from oppression. This part of the Times article will be read differently by different populations. Many blacks will see Obama as having abandoned radical, truth-telling black roots in favor of moderate, conciliatory rhetoric aimed at the consciousness and political sensibilities of white audiences that have historically not demonstrated much tolerance for black political or social figures that appear angry or the least bit indignant. Since whites are by far, the main audience of the Times the way that whites will read the story is most important and most considered by the Times editorial staff.

The Times juxtaposes Obama and his hometown pastor, Rev. Wright but it doesn’t go so far as to put them at odds. The New York Times leaves more than enough room for a white interpretation of Obama as a possible angry black man that will seek vengeance for black oppression by a racist white system. They are not shy about articulating the rhetoric of Obama’s pastor,

Mr. Wright issued a “War on Iraq I.Q. Test,” with questions like, “Which country do you think poses the greatest threat to global peace: Iraq or the U.S.?”

The Times points out to readers that Obama’s tone is different but Rev. Wright’s words are now out there as is the suggestion that Obama might harbor similar anti-Amurkan thoughts.

I don’t particularly care for Obama’s politics. He rarely articulates specifics and when he does he reveals himself to be solidly in the middle if not to the right. And Clinton, of course, is worse. However, it is interesting to watch the New York Times’ subtle attack on Barak Obama along religious lines while it has given passes to previous candidates, the sitting president being the most obvious in this regard.

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