Continued Obama Wedge Tactics; Racist Republicans Claim To Love Him

From the Sunday Times

Republicans Defect to the Obama camp

This is a tried and true if not tired, tactic.  In combination with other tactics, or a barrage of this singular tactic, it can yield results.  Sandy Baxter of the Sunday Times reports to us that Barak Obama is seen, by some formerly steadfast Republicans, as a good option in the coming election.  First of all, it’s not even true.  And well-intentioned or not, Baxter is helping the Republicans’ psychological attack intended to scatter support among those who might actually make him the first black candidate to run for president under the Democratic Party.  If Obama is seen as becoming the candidate of defecting Republicans, progressive Democrats support will weaken.

Clinton is, of course, the actual candidate that will be supported by any defecting Republicans that don’t vote for whatever Libertarian shows up on the ticket.  But Obama is targeted in the ongoing attempt to move the entire political debate further and further toward the Right Wing.  The attack all Democrats.  But the most vicious attacks are reserved for those appearing to represent the progressive factions as this marginalizes them and gives more power to the centrists, thus giving more power to the Right.

Gravel is more of the same strategy, different tactic.

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