Howard Zinn Challenges US AntiWar Movement To Become Relevant

The US antiwar movement is a movement hardly worthy of the title. Constantly triangulating right alongside the Democratic Party it has been largely irrelevant in regards to the US administration’s Iraq policy, much like the politicians supposedly composing the ‘opposition’.There is no opposition.

But on page 16 of this month’s Progressive magazine, Howard Zinn says there could be. I agree with him. The antiwar movement could become relevant. It could harness the psychic, emotional and political power of million in the US if only it would abandon the politicians, who as Zinn says, calculate only what is ‘winnable’ and instead embrace both their own humanity and other citizens supporting what is right over what they are told is politically feasible.

In real terms, this means

  • opposing all legislation funding a continued presence in Iraq
  • urging immediate withdrawal (and not being distracted by intentionally never ending debates about that point)At all levels, supporting
  • the candidacy of political candidates in favor of immediate withdrawal and zero funding
  • At all levels, opposing the candidacies of candidates in favor of continued occupation and funding

We will always have politicians aiming for what is ‘winnable’.  We need more folks on the ground advocating and fighting for what’s right.  Here’s to hoping Zinn’s words are considered carefully.

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