AJC’s Terrence Moore Joins The Club of Black Sellout Journalists

In typical racist fashion, the AJC is using sports for racial proselytizing. Still the popular target is Michael Vick and his ‘troubles’. The most recent incident being used to teach the public a lesson is the controversy (the press is in love with that word) around the house owned by Vick in Virginia that was raided for drugs (why?) but instead a dog-fighting ring was discovered. I don’t support dog-fighting nor do I support anyone being given a free ride for abusing dogs or other animals, Michael Vick included (to whatever degree he is involved and responsible).

However, this isn’t about abuse of animals or dog-fighting. It’s marketed as such to the masses but even a little thought and imagination makes it clear that this is all about race.
Today Terrence Moore, a black columnist with the AJC lectures publicly lectures Vick and the Falcons management he claims is ‘coddling’ Vick. This type of language, coddling, is aimed at the political and cultural sensibilities of reactionary white males. Rush Limbaugh/Mike Savage/Neil Boortz/Glenn Beck type guys who feel as if they, white males, are an oppressed group and have been since the affirmative action of the 70s. And they love to use black sports stars who are completely unrepresentative of the black population to make this ridiculous and racist point. They will use a Rush Limbaugh to make the point (he does it every day on his program) but they prefer when a black pundit or journalist will carry white supremacist water for them. For that task, the AJCs Terrence Moore couldn’t perform better. In his article today, Falcons Coddling Vick Too Much, Moore pulls off a doozy that I’m sure has Rush Limbaugh/Neil Boortz fans steamed, the equivalent of grinning ear to ear for the rest of us. The citations Moore uses to make his point that Falcons management is coddling their star quarterback is stupid and panders to the reactionary racist. Moore must know what he is doing.

the quarterback has had more than a few social visits to the owner’s Buckhead home. Not only that, Vick has played video games with (Arthur) Blank’s kids. There also was that infamous day when the broken-legged quarterback was pushed along the sideline in a wheelchair by the smiling owner.

Am I expected to believe that Moore doesn’t understand the kind of reaction these kinds of words will encourage?
Does he not know that the legions of white Christians and the not insignificant anti-semitic strains existing within it will read Jewish owner Arthur Blank as aiding and abetting the dynamic that produces these black prima donnas that are ruining traditional values of gratitude, virtue and hard work?
Does Moore not know the existing perception held by racist whites toward black athletes due to white columnists who cover the wrongdoings of black athletes in extreme disproportion to coverage of white athletes crimes (with the intent of creating the notion that white athletes don’t commit crime or hardly any at all).
Does Terrence Moore not read his own newspaper? The AJC reported a few weeks ago, that Michael Vick was, in the paper’s words, a ‘no-show‘ for a congressional meeting in DC. That’s the headline. Once you read the article you understand what actually happened. Vick caught his flight but the flight was delayed which caused Vick to miss the connecting flight into DC. The first leg of the flight departed late causing Vick to miss the Congressional breakfast. A delayed flight was responsible. Is Vick responsible for the flight being delayed as well? The AJC article headline and tone doesn’t intend to simply report what happened but instead the objective is to present Vick as being irresponsible or in as bad a light as possible in the situation. Terrence Moore, in his ‘coddling’ article, pretends to not know what was reported by the newspaper he writes for by again pandering to reactionaries in making his case for a wayward Michael Vick, asking, ‘So where was such a bold and public reprimand by Blank or any other Falcons officials’ for Vick’s ‘stiffing of those U.S. congressmen in Washington?’ Moore, like his white colleagues, uses media distortions to build a case against Vick. Moore knows the truth but hopes his readers don’t (or don’t care for the truth) as he builds his case against Vick.

The obvious thing here, that any honest sports fan will attest to, is that Vick is a superstar. On top of that he is a quarterback. One of the best in the league.

Question: If Vick were a white quarterback of his talent level, in the top 3 in the league, would the incidents Moore cites have been reported in the way that they were? Would this incident of dog-fighting in a house 500 miles from Atlanta but owned by Vick be attributed to him so directly? If Vick were white would the testimony of two guys who claim to be close to Vick be taken without question, implicating him as having knowledge of the illegalities? I doubt that any of this is above Mr. Moore’s understanding. In fact quite the opposite. He understands quite well. And has clearly chosen sides.

9 Responses to “AJC’s Terrence Moore Joins The Club of Black Sellout Journalists”

  1. Wow. One of the best in the NFL? Please. Just look at the 2006 NFL regualr season stats; but do it without looking at color, which may be difficult for you. Vick’s QB rating is 20th; passing yards: 22nd; and completion percentage is 60th. Wait, look at that again-60th. He’s not even on the first page. Sure, Vick is as exciting to watch as a video game. Even in a video game (Madden 07), Vick is a crappy QB. He’ll make a play, but fumble or throw an interception on the next play. Just like in real life.

  2. Care to update your analysis now that vick’s hands are all over this thing? how do you like your crow- broiled or baked?

  3. I’m glad that there are white people who are colorblind in 2007. In fact, every white person I encounter tells me taht they are, so you all have lots of company.

    The point remains the same. Character assassination is the new racism. I’ll ignore all the stuff about whether Vick is a good player because you obviously either know little about the team sport of football or are being purposely obtuse.

    This isn’t about defending illegality by Vick or anyone else. It’s about fairness and the selection of alleged wrongdoers. Everyone except white people understand that high profile and celebrity blacks and black athletes don’t commit crime at a higher rate than do high profile whites and white athletes. It’s just handled differently.

    Mike Vick’s career is in jeopardy due to allegations. But remember when we found out that Jenifer Capriati was on crack?

    The media went into sympathy mode not attack mode. She was graciously allowed to take some time off and then come back and compete in the media framework of some kind of underdog, comeback kid type tale.

    Again, I’m not saying that I don’t have sympathy for those fighting drug addiction. But I also don’t have sympathy for a media that operates in racist double standards.

    If Vick was found to be on crack, would the framework of his story be widespread sympathy bookended by a tale of him being the underdog? No. He would be labeled a sorry, nasty, crackhead who needed to be out of the game, punished and ridiculed.

    Same double standards with Lance Armstrong. There you had a 7-time Tour de France champ being accused by credible sources as having been using illegal substances. The media discredited the source and protected Armstrong and his lucrative post office endorsement deals. When Bonds, a black player at the top of his sport, was alleged to have used illegal substances, as we can currently see, the same sports (along with the general media) is helping the allegations stick.

    Part of their rationale was look at how high a level he competes at such an older age. It’s the same rationale they rejected when used about Lance Armstrong.

    A few days ago, Representative Chistopher Shays, a white congressman, got into a shouting match with a Capitol police officer which led to Shays physically assaulting the police officer. Everyone remembers when the Capitol police officer, having a hard time performing the main function of his job, recognizing and protecting the congress members, grabbed from behind, Cynthia McKinney, a female congressperson as she attempted to enter the Congress building. McKinney was roasted in the media (even down to being called a ghetto by a prominent white pundit here in her hometown, Atlanta) but the media is completely ignoring the Shays incident.

    I could go on and on listing racial double standards which is the point. Rich people often break the law because they know that unlike regular folks like us, they can probably get away with it. Except when black, they are much less likely to get away with it even if they are rich. This is because of mass media treatment of such incidents. Instance after instance confirms this. But again, this is common knowledge–except for white folks who oh-so-conveniently rarely see racism in anything that occurs in this country.

    Even after Katrina when Gallup asked whites if there was a lesson about race to be learned from Katrina, most whites said no while as usual, most blacks said yes. Nothing changes around how whites in the US see race. So when people come to this blog and make a fuss, just like with every other double standard or glaring racial incident whites refuse to see, I get what’s happening and it doesn’t faze me.

    But thanks for reading.

  4. OTIS MEEKS Says:



  5. rosetta jones Says:

    It is such a shame when Blacks commit a crime that is similar to thier white counterparts their punishment is harsher. More importantly, the offense is highly publized and reported distortly over and over again. I am so outraged about how white America can be so arogrant and still today uphold the double standard. It is uterly ridiculous!! I support any race that wants to stay within their race. I think it is a good thing. My problem is when white people act out on their racist belief and treat non whites as inferior. White people are hypocrits!!!

  6. I just don’t understand why your ranting about racism, but you are singling out the white race. That’s extremely hypocritical. I do believe that white people are just as prone to negative behavior as blacks and I do believe that they should be both be treated the same when it comes to punishment etc. But, I am very tired of constantly hearing about how racist white people are…not all of us are that way. And I am tired of that argument.

    • KLM. You are tired of hearing about white racism in what you refer to as ‘rants’.

      I, and other non-white people the world over are tired of experiencing white racism. I dare say our experience trumps your mental annoyance. But more, your mental annoyance is a part of our negative experience.

      I understand white racism as a system that extends across the globe, on every continent it is a major if not the dominant political and social force. If this is true, and I believe the strongest argument can be made that it is, then your problem of annoyance at hearing about it reflects a deep and troubling disconnect between your worldview and reality, a disconnect that is shared between most of the global white population. And there is the problem.

      Whites see the discussion of racism as an annoyance. Translation: whites don’t know what white supremacy and racism really even are. And until whites can be made or helped to see the true nature of the problem, that it’s not a rhetorical or semantics contest but an actual struggle over social-economic-political power. Until something close a majority of whites see this, peaceful change of this situation will not be possible.

      The intellectual stubbornness and ignorance of whites globally has thus far and will continue to make violent resistance and change therefore the only alternative to populations like those in Iraq, the ghettos of the US and other countries with significant non-white populations, Palestine and other places. Violence will be the choice, the only choice in the eyes of many, made by forces of resistance.

      Meanwhile, people who think like you will lament that they are ‘tired’ of racial ‘ranting’. And tired of the ‘singling out’ of whites. Whites aren’t being singled out. To single out implies that there is a field of choices or targets for blame. White racism and white supremacy are the problem here. Not simply racism or a vague racial supremacy where any so-called race can be substituted. Nowhere on Earth does it exist on a large scale, a situation where non-whites are dominated the economic, social life and political life of whites. But you can hardly look anywhere on the planet and not find whites doing that to non-whites. So whites and white supremacy aren’t being singled out as one problem among many.

      White supremacy is the problem.

      And it manifests in many ways. In journalism and media of every kind, in national, regional and local political policy, in entertainment and social life. It’s everywhere. And everywhere that it is, it must be stamped out.

  7. Uncle Tom Says:

    You are all right. Just one point. Don’t worry about the whites. The reason the blacks were slaves was because of white supremacy. The same reason blacks are impoverished today.

  8. Great site you have here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!Best10

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