Bud Selig Is Racist

The ongoing ‘controversy’ surrounding the soon to be broken all-time baseball homerun record, according to recent polling data from USAToday, is understood along racial lines. This will come as no surprise to blacks in the US who are consistently on the short end of the racial stick when it comes to these kinds of situations. However, to most whites, these polls are needed to continually confirm what so many whites, actively deny or passively pretend to not get, this country is still racist as all get out. While many if not most whites in the US go along to get along, in this racist society, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is one person with power working actively to make sure anti-black racism remains as American as apple pie. Bud Selig is a racist.

Like his predecessor, Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, Commissioner Selig has announced that he will make himself a symbol of white racist protest by not attending any games in which Barry Bonds may break the homerun record. When Hank Aaron, a black player, broke the homerun record, surpassing Babe Ruth, who set the homerun record as a beneficiary of white affirmative action of the apartheid league, Bowie Kuhn did his part to further white supremacist attitudes by announcing he would not attend games in which Aaron might break the record. Of course, Selig is acting under the auspices of supposed disgust with Bonds due to allegations of steroid use directed at Bonds. This alibi is shaky due to the fact that many prominent white players are also under suspicion but endure quite dissimilar scrutiny from the press, the league and from Commissioner Selig, himself.

Roger Clemens, who will be 45 years old in 3 months, just signed a contract with the Yankees that has no precedent in its generosity, is a
prime example. Since the blockbuster contract was announced, Clemens has received nothing but adulation from all directions. In the wake of Bonds’ allegations he has received the opposite, vitriolic attack and denigration from virtually every quarter in the press. As an obvious leader and public opinion maker in regards to baseball and sports generally, Selig is doing nothing to bring balance to this jaundiced state of affairs and seemingly everything to exacerbate the racist status quo.

It would be irresponsible for me or anyone with half a brain to pretend that Selig, like Howie Kuhn with Hank Aaron, doesn’t know what he’s doing. Therefore it would only be an extension of that irresponsibility to request that Selig act differently. Selig and his racist ilk won’t respond to rational appeal because racism isn’t rational. They will however, listen to Nielsen ratings and gates. When fans of conscience begin boycotting this racist league and its racist corporate backers, then and only then, will we see a change in the way this issue and similar issues in the future, are covered.

We know what side ESPN and the sportswriters have taken? What will the fans do? Will we stand by while the life of Barry Bonds, one of the best players in the history of the sport is threatened daily by racists encouraged by Bud Selig’s boycott of Bonds or will we challenge Selig and the other racists by standing together in solidarity with and in support of the ideas of fair play and equal treatment and in defense of a player whose very life and the lives of his children are under attack?

This should be an easy one to answer.

3 Responses to “Bud Selig Is Racist”

  1. On Thursday June 7, Hank Aaron said he will not be there when Bonds breaks his record… does this make Aaron a racist also? Or is it since Selig is trying to make a legacy out of the steriods issue that if he is there it looks like he is embracing cheating?

  2. Selig already looks like he is embracing cheating. Steroids has long been revealed to be a league, not individual, issue. League management embraced the long ball bonanza resulting from league wide roid use.

    Everyone knows the league basically sanctions steroid usage. The media about individual abusers is just puppet theater for the extremely naive sectors of the population.

    Hank Aaron is and has been playing the good house negro for some time now so it’s no surprise that he too will be boycotting Bonds.

    I made the post to communicate most importantly to black people. This is a generalization, but on the whole whites never see racism in the mainstream. Their awareness of it is usually limited to fringe groups like the KKK. For instance, when Kuhn boycotted Hank Aaron’s breaking of Babe Ruth’s record, whites denied that as being racism as well. So, from whites, I don’t expect a raucous acceptance of the role of racism in much anything that happens save the most extreme examples like white nationalist groups and neo-nazis.

    Hank Aaron had his historic record-breaking swing boycotted by the league commissioner as well, so he should know better. But hey, you can’t win ’em all.

  3. […] his racism. When Hank Aaron was breaking Babe Ruth’s record, the commissioner of that era, Bowie Kuhn also performed a racist boycott on Aaron’s historic moment, eclipsing Babe Ruth’s mark. Decades later, Selig attempted to carry on America’s real […]

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