Robert Horry Remorseless

ESPN’s front page is currently reporting the return of San Antonio Spurs player, Robert Horry from his 2 game suspension for fouling white player, Steve Nash, saying that Horry is ‘remorseless’.

the real spectacle: The return of a remorseless Robert Horry in all his glory.

Anyone not drinking the racist Kool-Aid would be glad if Robert Horry would act remorseless in the wake of targeted, racist suspension. Not that Horry actually was remorseless, he did the requisite shuffling so that the white pundits and media wouldn’t continue hassling him, saying, “I’m just happy they accepted me back”.  Not to down Horry too much.  Black folks understand what other black folks go through and so I know he is just trying to make things easier for himself, but damn, at some point you have to draw the line and say no.


Anyone that has watched the NBA for any length of time will attest that black players like Allen Iverson consistently are fouled as hard and harder than Steve Nash, again a white player, was fouled, resulting in Robert Horry’s 2 game suspension. Even Robert Horry himself has been fouled harder and with more serious results, in his playoff career,

Horry, now in his 15th season, learned during the 1994 NBA Finals. The New York Knicks vs. Horry’s Houston Rockets. Horry went in for a dunk, and Knicks enforcer Anthony Mason took him out. Horry bounced hard against the wooden floor.”I had two sprained wrists and a hairline fracture in my ass after it happened,”

Steve Nash was uninjured but it seems the merely the spectacle alone of a black man knocking a popular white man down demands penal action. While the league sanctions him for two games (during the playoffs) for an unremarkable foul, the fans, not on the same racist wavelength as the league elites, had a different reaction upon Horry’s return from suspension, a game-halting standing ovation.

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