Fresh Piping Hot Racism From The AJC=What Else Is New?

Right now the AJC has a poll embedded in a new smear article about Michael Vick. They are asking a rhetorical question to stoke the reactionary sensibilities of its always targeted readership, white males. It goes like this.

Do you think Michael Vick’s chances of avoiding prosecution on dogfighting charges increase as time passes?  
Voter Limit: Once per Hour
View Poll Results

This question has no real informational or survey objective. The rationale for this ‘poll’, as they are calling it is the same as is the rationale for many if not most AJC articles. To incense the aforementioned target readership. Everyone knows that for just about any high profile person, the more time passes before charges are filed after allegations are made, the less likely it becomes that there will be prosecution. For the AJC to even ask the question is to answer it. They aren’t interested in the answer. They’re interested in riling people up around the criminality of yet another black millionaire.

I don’t like rich people, generally. So there is no love lost between me and millionaires. But Vick is one of the best players in the entire league and judging by the treatment the AJC gives to white superstars who call Atlanta home, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through ‘polls’ like the one in today’s paper.

Racism is still the main course down here in the city too busy to hate.

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