Britian, Like The U.S. Hates Democracy

The end of Tony Blair’s run as Prime Minister of England is instructive as his replacement, Tony Blair’s right hand man, simply steps in and begins his term. Is it not ironic that in England and in the United States, where the press, academia and white society generally, never stops talking of democracy, that leaders come all from one tiny group of people. And those leaders come and go with very little fanfare relative to the power they wield once in office. Makes me take a second look at the folks who talk about chemicals in the water to make us stupid and passive. I mean, where is the outrage about all of the horrible things going on?
Anybody noticed there is a war against a bunch of poor people going on?
Gordon Brown has assumed his role of prime minster accompanied only by hand-clapping in the press. And the lead-up to the changeover only saw debate as to whether or not Blair would agree to step down. Agree!(?)

This is the political process of supposedly one of the leading democratic states. It’s a complete joke. And not even a funny one. The United States is worse, of course. Putting everyone through the trouble of picking this or that candidate from this or that sector of the one big party. And then, when it’s all said and done, picking the two candidates who were the media-appointed frontrunners from the (literally) very first day. That’s democracy in the United States. A big-and very predictable-psychological operation with the obvious design of convincing the political sector of the population that they are actually doing something besides working for their own demise.

It is quite a successful gig so far for the US ruling class. And for the UK gang as well, I guess. The MSM has nothing but congratulations and applause for the coronation of Gordon Brown. And now look. The day Tony Blair leaves, he becomes the fourth man of the US-UK-Israel-Palestine peace brigade. Obviously the folks that Blair works for–the ones that invisibly work to get him simply appointed to the most important positions in the world–could choose someone else that would whore for them in an equally effective, subservient and bellicose manner.

But they don’t.

And that’s one way of recognizing the psychological nature that they operate in. They keep the same faces around for different high profile jobs because they run these democracies like producers create a soap opera. Familiar characters. Easily understandable plot developments. Predictable outcomes that make the target demographic react favorably. First Blair will be the Middle East Peace Envoy. Then I’m sure he’ll rotate into the next needed character for the next high profile act of the show.

This way in which ruling class power brokers operate seems so very transparent that it almost makes you crazy that people stand for it at all.

2 Responses to “Britian, Like The U.S. Hates Democracy”

  1. Have you lived in England for an extended period of time? Or did you form your opinion of England and Anglo-Saxon culture based off something else?

  2. Thanks for dropping by? Do you have anything to offer regarding the topic?

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