Bush Hands Over ‘Get Out of Jail’ Card To Convicted Felon Scooter Libby

It’s psychological warfare baby.

I was at the United States Social Forum in Atlanta this weekend and I had a chance to talk with John Nichols of The Nation magazine. Nichols, like many left pundits is a nice enough guy but he either doesn’t get how power works or he’s an agent of the powerful system of interests he pretends to oppose. I don’t know which but it’s one of the two. Nichols wrote an article in April title, Impeachment Fever Rises. In it he made a case that impeachment was something to work toward and that it is possible. I agree that it is something to work towards because of the psychological benefits it can have on the overall population. The obvious downside is what we are seeing currently with the current US dictator. Unlike the dictator before him, the psychology is different. Capitalism is at a stage where the ante has been upped. The systemic problems, that created the economic crunch that was averted by the attacks on September 11th, still exist and will inevitably get worse. We are in debt, don’t manufacture anything but analysts and US global psychological influence is on the wane with the rise of quasi-capitalist China and the EU. The party is over.

And if you are the party organizer, when the party is over you take all the snacks and beer with you on the way out. Don’t be the last to leave. The ruling class understands this and is upping the ante in the way that they’ve done for some time now, psychologically. There will be more graft. More war. More lies. Under these conditions an allegedly impeachable president doesn’t back down. He pushes the envelope of illegality to imprint upon the minds of the population that he, and all presidents, are far beyond the rule of law. The pardon of Libby is a mass psychology way of saying, don’t even think about it.

I explained to Nichols that since WW2 when what existed of the US Left watched Truman commit mass murder with the atomic bomb, every US president has been unimpeachable for real crimes. That was the benchmark. If you can’t impeach (or even discuss it) under such clear conditions of civilian mass murder, you can’t impeach the president for anything. Nixon resigned under the pressure of a veritable soap opera which I don’t include as a serious crime like all of the people he killed. Don’t think the ruling class didn’t understand the implications of the dropping of the bomb. They did. They ushered in a new era of unaccountability of the Executive. And since then, we have increased the pace of global military hegemony and war. All with no serious presidential accountability. Bush One and Reagan (who was really president during the 80s?) killed untold numbers of Latin Americans. Bush One killed how many hundreds of thousands or Iraqis when he invaded Iraq? Clinton killed over a million Iraqis (half of them kids) throughout the 90s with sanctions and bombing. Bush Two has killed a million Iraqis with his Iraq invasion, bombing campaign and occupation. All of these presidents were clearly impeachable but the people they have killed have never been seriously discussed.

So with the position of US capitalism and with Bush supposedly under impeachment scrutiny, giving convicted felon Scooter Libby a get out of jail free card makes perfect sense. The ruling class is about to steal and kill at an increased pace, if that is even possible, and the thought that a US president can be held responsible must be erased from the minds of the population. Increased extensions of power in the face of increased scrutiny is how you demoralize the white political class flailing awkwardly in their struggle against power while simultaneously you acclimate the apolitical class to unending extensions of dictatorial power.

Consume the political and semi-political class for months and years about the possibility of prison for Libby. Once he’s sentenced, like a mob boss, let him out and make the people watch and understand how truly powerless and insignificant they are in matters of justice and democracy.

Psychological warfare 101.

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