Democrats Will Never Impeach

Congressman Kucinich has been pressing the impeachment button for some time now in his bid for president. But haven’t we seen this act before. Doesn’t anyone remember John Conyers from just a year and a half ago. Holding impeachment hearings in the basement of the Congress supposedly because the impeachment movement was being suppressed by the Republican congressional leadership.

Mere days after the Democrats took over control of the Congress in November 2006…after more than a year of rallying the rank and file over the impending impeachment of Bush, Conyers came out and told everyone that impeachment was off the table. It could hardly have been more stark.


And then hours after the Impeachment Dems came out to vote for Democrats who promised to impeach, those same Democrats announced that impeachment was off the table. Only the willfully ignorant can’t see what is being done here. Now the impeachment game has set its sights on Cheney. And its Kucinich leading it instead of Conyers. The game is the same, though. Pull Democrats into electoral politics that continues to prove to be irrelevant with the hope of impeachment.

It sounds good but by now we should know what is happening here with this Impeachment game. It exists to turn out Democratic votes as well as to give the Party a democratic veneer. Kucinich becomes a symbol of dissent within the Democratic Party. Some kind of outsider. In actuality, he’s a part of the establishment. Here’s how you know.

Kucinich isn’t wet behind the years. He’s been a member of the House of Representatives for a long time now. He knows politics. He understands how the Democratic Party works. That being said, it is unreasonable for anyone to assume that Kucinich doesn’t understand that his platform of impeachment and the establishment of a Department of Peace, could possibly come out of the Democratic Party. Yet he encourages people to vote for the same party that continually stabs him in the back and attempts to undermine his political objectives. So is this veteran of the Congress really that obtuse or is it something else?

I believe Kucinich is a part of a plan to always create the veneer of complexity and dissent within the major party structure. He serves as a point man for otherwise disillusioned citizens to rally around. A hopeful beacon of sorts. The same citizens that might build support for another voting system (like run-off voting) or for a third party to circumvent the corporate parties are instead roped into voting for yet another Democrat that is branded as a maverick. The same trick, although with more sophistication is going on with Barack Obama.

Any party within the Democratic or Republican Party is just another level of obfuscation and obstruction to real progress because real progress is impossible through either of these parties as long as money is the primary element of this society. Something that isn’t changing anytime soon.

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