Barry Bonds Booked On Suspicion of DUI, Cocaine Possession. How Will The Law/Media Handle It?

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is awaiting trial for a DUI charge. Last night, he was booked for yet another DUI as well as for driving illegally on a suspended license. Police also found cocaine in his pocket.

Driving with no license.

All of this is true except for one important detail. Barry Bonds didn’t do any of these things.

Lindsay Lohan racked up more felonies before breakfast than the average person will in his/her entire life.

Lohan Crack

Do you feel any different about this having read that it’s Lohan not Bonds who got hit with a 2nd DUI in months, is driving on a suspended license and is caught with cocaine. All after coming out of rehab for the 2nd reported time. Imagine how the media would handle this if Barry Bonds was caught by the pigs having the kind of fun Lohan was.
Imagine the front page stories, the endless editorializing about his lack of morals, his partying, his addiction, his irresponsibility, his horrible image for children, how he needs to lose this endorsements and do some hard time. It would be all of that and more.

How much of that kind of serious loathing will we see from the media with Ms. Lohan?

The racial double standard continues.

3 Responses to “Barry Bonds Booked On Suspicion of DUI, Cocaine Possession. How Will The Law/Media Handle It?”

  1. Lohan HAS been criticized by the media. What planet are you from?

    YOU are guilty of racial profiling in this ridiculous waste of internet space when YOU tried to paint this silly NON-EXISTENT picture of unjustice.


  2. It is a critical pop double standard, and we can’t have that, man!

    Death to Pop.

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