Racist Baseball Commissioner Selig Caves To Pressure From Fans and Players

After months of threatening to uphold a racist boycott against the viewing of Barry Bonds breaking the baseball all-time homerun record, Commissioner Bud Selig has finally caved. ESPN reports that Selig has caved to pressure from fans to end his racist boycott of Bonds march into baseball history. Selig talks stupid to ESPN,

out of respect for the tradition of this game, the magnitude of the record, and the fact that all citizens in this country are innocent until proven guilty

Whatever. He wasn’t saying that a month ago before fans came down on him for his racism. When Hank Aaron was breaking Babe Ruth’s record, the commissioner of that era, Bowie Kuhn also performed a racist boycott on Aaron’s historic moment, eclipsing Babe Ruth’s mark. Decades later, Selig attempted to carry on America’s real favorite pastime, racism, but he couldn’t hold out. It’s a good thing that racist Selig couldn’t maintain his campaign of bigotry. He downplays the significance now that he’s caved. After initially promising not to to be present for Barry’s moment, fans (54% according to USAToday) and even more so players, supposedly registering in a 74% disdain for the decision, helped Selig change his mind.

The mass media has assisted the racist plot the entire time and is having no problem staying in sync with Selig’s backpedaling now. ESPN, almost as if nothing big had changed is simply reporting that Selig will be in attendance. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports this morning, as a sidenote only, that Selig was at the Giants-Braves game last night, devoting only a half a sentence out of solid page of reporting on the Brave’s win.

This is how the racists play the game. They always speak out the side of their mouths. They pretend something called political correctness is the problem but in actuality, they are the ones that practice the art form, constantly mush-mouthing their way out of this or that racist scheme. Downplaying the racism even more, Selig talks more stupid to ESPN,

It just struck me this was the appropriate time. Really, it’s no more involved than that.

It just struck him. And it’s no more involved than that.

Oh. I’m the baseball commissioner. Maybe I should be present for the breaking of the biggest record in the sport of baseball.

I’m glad it struck you. Racist asswipe.

My theory is that his public relations squad performed some more analysis on the situation and realized that he might have a harder time pushing through whatever nasty policies he has coming down the pike if he mired himself in the tradition of his predecessor, Kuhn, who boycotted Hank Aaron and mush-mouthed his racism saying that he couldn’t be present because he had office work to do. Selig obviously thought a bit too much of himself before when he thought he could pull it off. His lawyers and consultants brought him back down to earth. So reluctantly, he will be present when it happens. For the record, Selig’s excuses for not attending were as stupid as his racist predecessor. Selig claimed that he is a good friend of Hank Aaron, the current record holder. See how thinly they care to veil their racism. The point is to put it on public display for all to see. So when they get smacked down like Selig has been, that too should be on public display for all to observe.

Barry Lamar Bonds is one of if not the best baseball player to ever play. Bud Selig, take of your pointy white cap long enough to bow down and honor him.

7 Responses to “Racist Baseball Commissioner Selig Caves To Pressure From Fans and Players”

  1. The idea that Selig’s “boycott” of Bonds is fueled by racism is, well, ludicrous.

    As is the idea that people who are rooting against Bonds are doing so because he is black.

    After all, who holds the current record? Oh, that’s right, Hank Aaron. A black man. A black man whom Selig admires and is friends with.

    Maybe that’s more at the heart of his lack of support for Bonds? Or the fact that Bonds is a cheater?

    Seriously, you can’t play the race card on this one. Bowie Kuhn may have been a racist, and Hank Aaron was certainly treated poorly when he broke the record, but it makes no sense to say that people’s reactions to Bonds are race-based.

  2. Let me guess, LukeD. You’re white, right? Most white folks don’t see racism as the source of anything so the appearance of this opinion doesn’t surprise me. It is however, fairly easy to demonstrate that your position while not being ludicrous, is the result of a white supremacist education and resultant world view.

    Not all, but most white folks are incapable of seeing, until pointed out, the contradictions and hypocrisies of the racist social arrangement in which we live.

    For instance, in a black barber shop, a place where many discussions of this kind take place, it is understood immediately when someone states or even suggests that if Barry Lamar Bonds, perhaps the best baseball player of the 90s and one of the best to ever play, was white this scandal would not be happening. Black people understand this to be the most basic of truths.

    To white folks, it is, as you stated LukeD, simply ludicrous. But if you’re honest with yourself and really allow yourself to look at this society, you’ll see that it’s really not ludicrous at all. Look at how Lance Armstrong was and is treated. Here we have a guy who’s trainer and supplemental provider claims he was doping. In Bonds’ case we take that kind of declaration as concrete evidence. In Armstrong’s case, we attack the whistleblower instead. Armstrong’s cancer didn’t just appear overnight. He had the cancer while he was competing with 20 year old cyclists at the highest level. How did Lance Armstrong remain competitive at an old age, with cancer and against the young legs of 20 year olds?

    He was doping.

    We all know it. But let’s be honest. The masses of folks in this country don’t think deeply about things. And the media isn’t inclined to portray Armstrong in a way that would lead the masses to conclude what is obvious when you think about it.

    And let’s not forget that we are dealing with a media that loves sensational BS. Lance Armstrong cheated on and then abandoned the wife who took care of him while he was near death from cancer. Imagine if tomorrow Barry Bonds cheated on and then left his wife. I need not even describe the media character assassination that would ensue. When Armstrong does it, hardly anyone even knows about it.

    So why do they treat Lance Armstrong so gracefully when there is much more evidence that he is doping, there is much more sensational dirt orbiting around his life to continually report on.

    Black players are treated differently. Use the power of the rational mind and this is quite obvious. Live in the denial of whiteness and an excuse or justification can/will be found for any and every weird thing we see.

    The other interesting thing about this is that when polled black people say that race has a lot to do with Bonds treatment by the press. White people say that it doesn’t. And we all know that white folks have a horrible record of understanding when race is a factor.

    Gallup polled whites in 1969 about education and jobs. Most whites said that black people had an equal chance if not better chance than whites to get a good education and a good job.

    This was Gallup. In 1969. Then, like today, whites have a tenuous grasp on reality when it comes to identifying and understanding racism.

  3. I am white. Because of that, I’m willing to admit that I’m not as sensitive to all forms of racism as I’d be if I were a minority. That being said, it’s equally possible on the other side (let me guess, you’re black?) to see EVERYTHING as racist, whether or not it actually is.

    1) First of all, you changed your argument. We were talking about Bud Selig, not Lance Armstrong.

    I don’t like Bud Selig. I think he’s a terrible commissioner. That being said, to look at the circumstances and say he was hesitant to attend Barry’s games because he’s a racist just doesn’t follow.

    Selig and others in baseball turned a blind eye to steroids in the past, and now that records are being broken, they’re having to deal with the backlash.

    Bonds and his doping buddies have been a source of massive headache for Selig, so it makes sense that he would want to distance himself from him.

    At the same time, Selig is a fan and friend of Hank Aaron; naturally, he doesn’t want his record broken. Another reason to distance himself from Bonds.

    Once again, I hate to be redundant, but Hank Aaron is a black man. More than that, he was an actual race man, who in the tradition of Jackie Robinson, cared more about the promotion of his race than the promotion of himself. Barry Bonds could take notes.

    2) Now, to move on to the NEW argument you switched to, Lance Armstrong.

    Your basic argument was that Lance and Bonds find themselves in similar circumstances, but that Lance is lauded while Bonds is vilified.

    There is certainly a difference in public opinion about the two men, and I’m willing to admit that race plays a part of that, maybe a big part, but consider the other issues:

    a) To the American public, cycling and the Tour de France are nowhere near as important as Baseball and the Home Run Record. You get more fired up about things you care about.

    b) You said there was “much more evidence” against Lance, but that simply isn’t true (If you were talking about Floyd Landis you’d have a point, but he’s a different cyclist).

    Lance has been tested even more than Bonds, and has NEVER failed a test. On the other hand, Bonds admitted to taking two banned substances (the cream and the clear) and took a host of other tests that, under the rules of MLB, we don’t get to know the results of.

    Whether or not Bonds knew what the cream and the clear were is another issue, but people are generally suspicious of such “accidents.”

    c) You made a great point about Lance and the “feel good” aspect of his story. People like a story about a hero.

    The fact that Lance overcame cancer and then as an American, dominated a European sport, does make his story very appealing, while the fact that Barry can’t overcome being a selfish jerk doesn’t help his cause at all.

    But, that’s not racism; that sensationalism.

    Btw, Bonds had a nine year girlfriend, part of the time at least while he was still married, so let’s not act like Lance’s cheating was exclusive to him.

    Lance’s infidelity may have been glossed over by the media, but personally, I haven’t heard much media coverage about either of their cheating exploits (I wouldn’t know about Bonds’s at all if his ex-girlfriend wasn’t now coming out with testimony, etc. against him), but I find them both to be deplorable.

    3) The 38 year old poll you cited was interesting, and it’s sad that people thought things were entirely equal then. It’s sad that people think things are entirely equal now.

    But if you bring that up to suggest that things now are no different or better than they were then, then you’re the one with a tenuous grasp on reality.


  4. Starting backwards, I didn’t bring up the poll to suggest that things haven’t changed materially for black people. I brought it up to highlight the tenuous grasp on reality that whites have repeatedly demonstrated. It’s documented from Jim Crow to desegregation to Katrina. Whites, as a group, rarely see racism as a motivating factor for much anything save groups like the KKK.

    About Bonds’ girlfriend, it wasn’t about excusing anyone’s behaivor. It’s about the double standard. And I don’t think there’s any rational anyone can give for that. To say that cycling isn’t as popular to a degree explains things but we all know that Lance Armstrong didn’t lose endorsements but was steadily picking them up all the while he was cheating in the sport and then on is wife. The point again is the double standard. It’s obvious and there is no excuse outside of racism.

    You said that I changed my argument but perhaps you should read your first post again. You talked about racism generally, not just about Bud Selig. I was responding to your post, not my own initial post. You commented about ‘people’s’ reactions to Bonds. That was a general statement about, as you put it, people, not just Selig. So to cite examples of racism by way of double standard is not to move to a new argument it is simply to support the main argument with concrete example. Follow? If you had only discussed Selig, you would be right, but if you read your own comments, your argument was broader than Selig, as was my response.

    You are being dishonest about Bonds testing and since you seem informed about the issue generally I can only conclude that your dishonesty isn’t by accident but designed to deceive. The substances Bonds admitted to taking weren’t illegal when he took them. You conveniently left out that very important factoid.

    As for Lance Armstrong, having one of your suppliers say that he gave you illegal substances is about as damning of evidence as you can have besides an actual test. Don’t know how you might possibly disagree with that but….

    And I’ll end by saying that this isn’t about purely public opinion because anyone with half a brain understands that public opinion is turned by the mass media. So this is more about them and the way that they use latent racism to manipulate public opinion. In that regard, race is the elephant in the room that whites continually make excuses about and endless rationalizations/justifications for.

    It’s not Bonds attitude or anything like that. If he were white and about to eclipse the most coveted record in baseball, we would be having celebrations. And nothing save him shooting someone in front of a police station would get in the way of the party.

    This is obvious. Everyone knew McGuire was juicing but they were having fun showing this homerun race led by a white guy so they brushed it under the rug. Double standards never cease.

  5. It’s my understanding that the cream and the clear (being steroids) were illegal when Bonds used them. “Banned” may have been a poor word choice, but I take exception that you basically called me a liar. I’ve tried to keep this respectful, and would have appreciated you doing the same.

    Incidentally, McGwire AND Sosa were celebrated in ’98. I don’t know if you consider Sosa to be black, but he certainly isn’t white.

    Since then, both McGwire and Sosa have received considerable criticism. With Big Mac, it may have cost him a spot in the HoF (his first ballot vote was laughable). That being said, neither have been criticized as much as Bonds.

    Comparing public opinion of Bonds with that of Sosa (and McGwire), it’s pretty clear that the facts that Bonds is (1) taking down the most hallowed record in sports and (2) a huge jerk seem to be working against him.

    I’m betting you’ll just disregard everything I say and continue to see racism in everything. While that’s certainly your right, especially on your own blog, it doesn’t lead to beneficial discussion, so I think I’ll take my leave before you attack my character anymore.


  6. Take your leave if you must but I would like to backtrack a bit and apologize for being so pointed in my criticism of your reference to Bonds using ‘the cream’. It was presumptuous of me to assume so much. I’m sorry.

    I would also like to apologize if I sound so very inflexible. I’ve had this argument it seems a hundred times. And so I’ve heard the various rationalizations as to why the Bonds situation is not a reflection of race in this country.

    As for race seeing race in everything, well, I can only help you there as much as you’d like to be helped. Believe me, the problem of this society is not that black people or any people ‘see’ race in too many things. But that historic and contemporary whites tend to see race hardly ever or far too infrequently.

    As for Bonds being a huge jerk, this urban legend is just more racism. Let me guess, you’re tired of hearing that. Most whites are. But it’s true. Bonds may not be the most media friendly guy in the league but look at the media!! Can you really blame Bonds for not liking how they distort and sensationalize? Is Bonds really the problem in this situation between him and the media? I think it’s time we asked that question instead of taking our cues and information from–guess who–the media. Gimme a break.

    All over the net, you can find forums with fans that have actually met Bonds saying that they thought he was cool. And you’ll find fans that met him that didn’t like him. Rarely do you find fans that met him personally and claim he’s an insufferable jerk which is the image the media has crafted.

    Where the racism comes in is that regardless of Bonds’ real life interaction with the media, the white media (and I can very fairly call it white because although there are people of color inside it, the owners and culture of it is white), the white media understands that they can say certain things about certain people and it will stick much more easily. This is how they tap into latent white racism existing within the general population.

    I’m not saying that Bonds is a great guy but every time I’ve heard him speak he sounds either likable or at least normal. Not the jerk the white media claims he is.

    I would suggest you read Dave Zirin, a sportswriter frequently published in Sports Illustrated with a take on Barry Bonds different from what you’ll get from most of the press. Highly recommend this short read.

    Dave Zirin in the LA Times

  7. Apology appreciated and accepted.

    I still don’t think there’s much to be gained from continuing this particular debate; we both seemed pretty convinced of our viewpoints.

    I’ll likely stop by from time to time in the future though to set you straight on things. 🙂

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