Glavine’s Return to Atlanta Met With Boos; The AJC Pretends To Be Perplexed

tom-glavine.jpgThe AJC reports on the NY Mets’ Tom Glavine’s return to Atlanta as he stands one game away from his 300th win, making him only the 23rd pitcher to ever do so. The fans aren’t impressed and are predominantly booing Glavine, who left the Braves for more money in New York. While other players are painted as being justifiably booed according to the AJC, fan disapproval of Glavine is vexing. Even quoting Georgia State University professor Cliff Kuhn, they still feign ignorance as to what is happening.

Kuhn reasons that it is the team that Glavine left Atlanta for, saying:

This is a region with strong pockets of anti-union sentiment

Anti-union sentiment. This is also, I guess, a region of very large pockets. This is Professor Kuhn’s media-friendly way of articulating that white Braves fans are racists. They don’t like the pitcher that helped win them the only championship in the team’s history because he went to play for the city that, to southern whites, represents the force that wouldn’t allow them to continue killing and enslaving black people. Kuhn doesn’t come right out with it but what is anti-union sentiment about if not the perception of the Old South having been lost due to those meddlin’-nigger lovin’ Yankees?

But we all know that race is rarely discussed plainly in the US and especially not in the US South.

Read the entire article from the AJC.

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