AJC’s Terrence “Sellout” Moore Cranks Up the Vick Smear Machine Again

It has been announced that there will be a Vick burning by Georgia whites on September 9th.

PETA has staged several protests in Atlanta and Virginia with signs saying “Fire Vick”, “Sack Vick” and “Kick Vick” with others in attendance going further saying that he should be put through the same tortures the subjects of this controversy, the pit bulls, endured.

Comparisons are being made to Jeffrey Dahmer.

Terrence Moore of the AJC addresses none of these things. The target of his ire (again) is Mike Vick and anyone that might dare suggest two things:

1. That Michael Vick be given a fair trial before we all conclude his guilt or innocence.

2. That there is a current and historically racially prejudiced and racially selective investigative net that seems to almost always end up snaring the highest profile black athletes, politicians and celebrities.

Apparently these are not legitimate questions or concerns for Terrence Moore. It doesn’t matter how Vick or Tyson or Bonds or OJ or Michael Jackson or Cynthia McKinney end up on the hot seat. Once on the seat, you gotta deal with the heat, Moore explains to us. And we shouldn’t baby these rich folks, either, he says. I know what you’re thinking. Actually you might be thinking a couple of things. And in Atlanta, it seems to largely depends on whether or not you’re white or black as to what you think.

If you’re white, you’re probably saying, if he did it, why should he be protected from the consequences. If you’re black you’re likely asking the same questions black people always ask in this type of situation, would this be happening if he were white?

White people’s answer to that question is predictable. Yes.

Unfortunately not Terrence Moore or any of his white-controlled media counterparts ever dig beneath the first centimeter of soil to discuss anything beyond reactionary soundbites. Question: OJ. Tyson. Michael Jackson. Barry Bonds. Where are their white counterparts? And when I say counterparts, I mean contemporaries in the entertainment or political realm who end up in ruin after media character assassination. And don’t rattle off the nobody’s. Premier black people are targeted for electronic assassination. Where are top tier whites getting lynched in the media. Like Barry Bonds who has been tried, convicted and lynched by the media, Vick hasn’t yet been found guilty of anything by any court.

So where are the top tier whites who are forced to undergo this type of scrutiny? And who ultimately face real consequences for it.

Britney Spears,Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Capriati, Robert Downey Jr. Their multiple DUIs, narcotic possession and other felonious activities get the pixie dust treatment from the same media that was the primary reason one of the most progressive national politicians in the country, Cynthia McKinney, was thrown out of Congress for allegations that ended up being nothing. The same media that suggests daily that Barry Bonds should have an asterisk next to his achievements for allegations they admit have no evidentiary backing. The same media that is pushing for Vick to be fired and worse for allegations unproven in any court.

Since it’s not about racism, Terrence Moore and his racist buddies should have no problem pointing to 4 times as many whites getting the same treatment from the media. Since whites outnumber blacks by more than a factor of 5 this should not be a problem. But forget proportional treatment. I challenge them to fulfill a simple 1:1 ratio. I won’t hold my breath on this. Real examination of the racial selectiveness of this system isn’t what Terrence Moore and his buddies are about. He and his black contemporaries exist to carry water for racist whites who understand that racist ideas will travel farther when they roll of a tongue not found inside a white mouth.

We’ll see.

4 Responses to “AJC’s Terrence “Sellout” Moore Cranks Up the Vick Smear Machine Again”

  1. Problems with your statements made above:

    1) Cynthia McKinney was not “thrown out” of Congress–she was defeated in the Democratic primary in 2006. The only congressman actually “thrown out” in recent history was Ohio Congressman James Trafficant, a white congressman from Ohio who was forced out of Congress by his fellow representatives in 2002. Trafficant remains in a federal prison serving an 8-year sentence for bribery, fraud, and related charges. By the way, the media pummeled Trafficant mercilessly after he was indicted but not yet tried. Perhaps Congressman Gary Condit’s situation is more comparable to that of Congressman McKinney. After intern Chandra Levy disappeared in 2001 (her body was found a year later), enterprising reporters learned that she and Congressman Condit had an affair. The Washington, D.C. police never considered Condit a suspect. Nevertheless, the voters back home forced him out of office in the next election. Condit’s name was mentioned on every news program for weeks.
    2) O.J. Simpson’s closest white counterpart in the court of public opinion is actor Robert Blake who also is believed to have gotten away with murdering his wife. Have you seen any reruns of BARETTA lately? Blake is as much of a pariah as Simpson. You hear about him less because he disappeared from sight while Simpson continues actions that bring him into the public eye.
    3) Two white Barry Bonds counterparts come to mind. Mark McGwire was a great baseball hero until his non-answer answers before Congress made it clear that he used steroids. Do you think you will live long enough to see McGwire elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame? I don’t think so. Pete Rose is widely hailed as one of the greatest baseball players that ever lived. He was forced out of baseball for life for gambling, and when do you expect his bust to appear in Cooperstown? Both McGwire and Rose continue to be chastised in the media years after their offenses occured.

    Media interest in and public opinion surrounding the Vick case exist for two reasons: 1) He is a well-known public figure; 2) The charges against him outraged millions of pet owners all over the country. If the name on that indictment read Peyton Manning instead of Michael Vick, the interest and outrage would be equally strong.

  2. Thanks for your comment but the problems you cite aren’t problems at all. You should perhaps reread the post with a critical and open mind. I wrote, perhaps not clearly enough, that in a fair society there would be numerous white contemporaries to the endless elite black scandal created by the media.

    You cited a few, which is in part my point. You only have a few. And not only you, every person I challenge brings up the same few. According to your calculus of fairness, an outside observer would assume that
    1) Robert Blake was as famous as OJ Simpson while everyone knows that he isn’t even close in that regard and

    2) That the white population must be much smaller than the black population due to the smaller number of big, white celebs and politicians targeted in the same way.

    You may have misunderstood my premise. It does appear that you read the post because you respond, quite inadequately, to the points I made.

    Cynthia McKinney’s loss was due to the media campaign launched against her. Your refusal to admit this signals an insincerity in seeking the truth that is difficult to ignore. Very popular in her home district, McKinney was unbeatable without national money pouring in to help her opposition. The catalyst for this nationally funded campaign was the national media assassination which used the Capitol Police incident. An incident which turned out to have been completely contrived nonetheless, used to deadly effect to turn public opinion against her and to encourage financial opposition from around the United States to pour in against her in a local Congressional race.

    As for white Barry Bonds counterparts, Mark McGwire, while to many, a good player, is far from a counterpart to Barry Bonds. Just look at his stats.

    Seriously. Not even close.

    Now if the media had found reason to character assassinate Cal Ripken, now that would have been analogous. My point is black athletes and celebrity figures of very significant prominence are the target of media character assassination.

    Jim Brown was another example. No white athlete at the time, or even since, of his prominence suffered so much from, now confirmed, media lies.

    While you believe that Peyton Manning would get the same reaction as Vick, there is little evidence for that belief and much evidence to the contrary. The evidence suggests, and you make this more obvious with weak rebuttal, that the Peyton Mannings of this society, are never targeted for this kind of media campaign, which the point of this post.

    Well, you are saying, maybe he doesn’t get into trouble.

    And that is where the racism comes in. Whites always say that when they can’t point to other whites suffering from media character assassination. They claim that white people aren’t getting caught because they aren’t doing anything wrong.

    This notion flies in the face of the evidence of all history. This country was created, quite literally, on the back of massive white crime, of the highest order. All the sports we now enjoy, had their beginnings in white criminality and immorality that banned non-whites from participating and enjoying the wealth to be accrued there. During those times of Jim Crow sports, white crime in the major sports was tremendous. The biggest scandals came from whites before non-whites were allowed to play.

    Once the struggles for equal treatment forced the entrance of non-whites, the bulk of criminality and wrong-doing in sports, focused on said non-whites. This has served as an effective form of social control for a population bred by the mass media to think in white supremacist and racist assumptions.

    Unless you have more, many more, examples (and of higher quality than the ones you have chosen), your post fortifies the point of mine.

  3. Black people who support Vick simply because he is black are a fucking disgrace. You’re really dense aren’t you. By subscribing to the Bill “they’re-only-going-after-me-cause-I’m-black” Campbell school of denial you really are doing so much to harm your own race. Nobody’s saying that white people or Mexicans aren’t guilty of the same crimes. And when they get caught I can tell you they do/will do more time than that scumbag Michael Vick. If anything Terence Moore should be comended for his humane perspective in regards to animals.

  4. Omar, while disgrace is the correct political term, as it implies pre-existing honor and respect, I get the impression from the commonplace reactionary tone of your post that in fact, you mean something else.

    Like most reactionaries and not-quite-in-the-closet racists, the confused spirit of your post says all I need to know.

    Parroting the white mainstream media (white and mainstream being redundancies, I know), you state that black people support Vick because he is black. You and the racists you parrot, know this isn’t true. Black people support Mike Vick because he is black and because they know his blackness is the reason he is under the gun. It is those two things in conjunction. The latter part, you and the racists ideologues you ape in your post, is what is always quite conveniently left out of these right wing rants.

    Vick is supported because he is being singled out because he is black.

    Unless you too believe, like many of the ignorant PETA activists I’ve talked to on the streets of Atlanta, that the most prominent white celebs and athletes just don’t commit crime, what black people are standing up for, equal treatment under the law should be commended.

    I don’t bring up equal treatment because I think you or your ideological brethren care about that. I know you do not. And because I know you all will never listen to such namby pamby notions like equal treatment–because black people generally know your ilk won’t listen to this argument, we have no problem with crude measures and displays like simply supporting Mike Vick. And it is understood to be a crude demonstration lacking nuance.
    People know this. But we also know that racists have never been friendly to reason and conversation around race. So while this blog tries to point out a few of the contradictions of this and similar cases, black protest, generally, does not.

    Understand that it is not because black people don’t believe that Mike Vick may have played a role in the things he is charged with. That isn’t it. It is ONLY because degenerates like yourself who fill out the crowds of 21st century electronic lynch mobs have no interest in rational discussions like the one on this blog which point to the numerous contradictions and double standards of the legal system that targets black politicians, athletes and celebs for hard time while whites get pass after pass.

    Try participating in a rational discussion and watch how quickly the Neanderthals maul you too and you’ll understand why the black people who support Mike Vick, do so.

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