Iraq War Breaking the US Army

Suicides, divorces, alcoholism and mental sicknesses are all up dramatically. Extended tours, reduction in training. The experienced are departing at a clip at which they cannot be replaced under these conditions. Recruitment shortfalls are here. Signing bonuses of twenty grand are the only thing bringing in critical recruits. The trial balloon of a draft was floated by the newly appointed war czar, Douglas Lute in an NPR interview. Then quickly countermanded by every other DC and Pentagon official quoted.

They understand that they are breaking the army. And they are desperate.

For those opposed to global US military rule, these are all good developments. The breaking of the Army by the Iraqi resistance means several good things.

  1. The likelihood of going into Venezuela in the short to mid term is low.
  2. The likelihood of going into Pakistan in a big way is low.
  3. Extending presence in Iraq is unlikely.
  4. Extending presence in Afghanistan is unlikely.

These are short to implications. The long term possible implications could be far more important, a shift in the public perception of the military. From it being a place to go and serve the country to it being a place where you will likely be seriously fucked in one way or other. Unfortunately, this doesn’t address the underpinning problems of jingoism, patriotism, ultra-nationalism or this country’s Manichean dualistic worldview but it will represent an opportunity to discuss the nature of the military and its perennial mission of national defense while the institution will have temporarily lost its sacred luster.

Hopefully this won’t be remembered as a missed opportunity for these moments don’t come along often.

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