UK Troops In Afghan Complain That US Killing Too Many Civilians

US Bomb Dropped; 3 British Soldiers Killed

In a report spurred by the killing of three UK troops by the US military in a so-called case of friendly fire, it has been revealed that the UK has been complaining about excessive bombing by the US in Afghanistan. Saying that the US is using,

airstrikes too often, killing civilians and alienating the population

Killing people is one way of alienating them, I guess. How is it that simply invading countries, an inherently murderous venture, somehow rarely is characterized by liberal pubs such as the NYTimes as ‘alienating’ in and of itself. But instead, that stage of the conspiracy to murder is sprinkled with the rhetorical pixie dust of flower garnished greetings by the natives. Of course followed by shock and surprise when things happen differently. And on and on.

And of course, the NYTimes report is spurred by the accidental murder of British troops by US forces, demonstrating the NYTimes obedience to the ruling class consensus that in these wars of aggression only white lives have worth. And the extinguishing of those lives merits only a column or two. Non-white lives, whether they be African, Arab, whatever, as a policy, are subordinate to most every other objective.

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