Apple iPhone Unlocked; Apple Stocks Will Move Up

Websites are bemoaning the fate of Apple now that its $600 iPhone has been unlocked. When you purchase an iPhone (for $500 or $600) you have to get a phone plan with AT&T. Now that the proprietary code locking the phone has been figured out, you can go and find your own network provider. Nobody likes service plan deals where you don’t have choice so this kind of deal makes any product less popular. Now that consumers have a way around the deal, the phone’s popularity will only increase.

How is this bad for Apple?

Call me cynical, but if I were Apple, the best of both worlds for me would be if I could have the AT&T deal for the robots who won’t bother to figure out a way to find an unlocked phone as well have the unlocking capability out there so that thinking people who don’t want to become slaves to AT&T will also pick up the iPhone.

I can’t think of any way this turns into a loser for Apple (although it is oddly being touted as such here). Even the Financial Times takes note that the iPhone has been hacked. Annoyingly, the FT’s coverage of the happening only focuses on the 17 year old who hardware hacked it by soldering, not on the much, much, much more accessible software solutions that regular people will want. They don’t discuss that. Not that they will be able to prevent the info from getting out there. And what regular folks read the Financial Times anyway?

If anyone knows how Apple loses on this deal, please enlighten me. This Robin Hood work seems as if it will have the effect of boosting iPhone sales and Apple’s stock price. All the while being characterized as something subversive which of course attracts even more buyers thinking they are getting away with something while dropping $600 into Apple’s collection plate for a brick-shaped cell phone with a battery that lasts no time at all. Suckas.

One Response to “Apple iPhone Unlocked; Apple Stocks Will Move Up”

  1. It’s all over, no more exclusivity: Apple iPhone unlocked!

    Have a look at the pic below, T-Mobile??? Yes, that’s right, Apple’s iPhone has been unlocked! No more AT&T exclusivity!

    [image via Engadget] claims that they have made a tiny piece of software which fits into the iP…

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