James Mtume Kicks Sean Hannity’s and Alan Colmes’ Ass On National TV

This 5 minute snippet of the Fox News show Hannity and Colmes is instructive. The subject matter is Michael Vick but it could have been any issue. James Mtume, host of Open Lines

Black political opinion in this country must be censored. That is the only way to uphold white ignorance around a bevy of issues; not letting them hear the black side. And this doesn’t just go for black people, but the homosexual angle must be censored, the Latino angle, the Asian angle. Most anything outside the mainstream white perspective. But most egregiously, black thought must be shut out. Mtume is obviously more astute around this issue than either Hannity or Colmes or the other guest, Swann. Therefore, they interrupt him continually until his speaking time is up and then its on to the commercials, the primary reason we know the names Hannity and Colmes to begin with.

Watch the censorship (and ass-kicking) in action.

Other points to think about is how they always bring on another black person, usually a Republican, to offset the authentic and quite popular black opinion.

This is bogus ‘balance‘. They offset Mtume with a black Republican!! But how many black voters are actually Republicans? Maybe 10%. And when they have whites on the show, do they bring on an equal number of whites who have an opposite opinion on an issue? They do three to one or on a very good day, they’ll let is slide with three or four to two dissenting opinions. While Swann, whom the white hosts agree with speaks without interruption, Mtume is not allowed to develop key points so that his argument of racism in this case, can be supported.

Forget book burning or throwing people in prison, this is how you censor in the 21st century. You appear liberal and inviting by actually having dissenting opinion on your show then don’t let them speak for the short period between the real action, which we know are the commercials.

6 Responses to “James Mtume Kicks Sean Hannity’s and Alan Colmes’ Ass On National TV”

  1. Perhaps if Mtume could act with class or speak in a civil fashion, he would be given a better hearing…

  2. Is that the thing missing from dissent in corporate venues? Class?

  3. Hello I am searching for the James MTUME on hannity and colmes video . This one says no longer available Is there any way I can see it please let me know

  4. They pulled the video. I’m searching for another version of it. Check back in a day or two.

  5. Hopefully you’ll find the clip somewhere else. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. James Mtume knows how to get his voice across in a dynamic, witty and clever way.

    Do you often listen to the OPEN LINE show on Sunday mornings in NYC?

    –The Wow Jones Report

  6. i wish i could of saw the video but wats up man holla back BABA LoL!!!

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