MoveOn Still Not Sure About The Iraq War

From an email I received just a few moments ago:

Should we support primary challengers against some Democrats who side with the president on Iraq? It’s a tough question (emphasis theirs)

It’s September 2007, 4 years and 5 months since the US military began the bloodletting of the Iraqi people and is still trying to decide whether or not to support the war. I’ve criticized them before and been criticized for doing so.

It doesn’t get any more clear than this. and the similarly principled orgs they’ve spawned are not fit to run any movement, certainly not anything resembling a people’s movement. The only thing they seem to be consistent with is being behind the curve. Behind and definitely to the Right. They are big proponents of the swing vote mentality. They are the swing vote mentality writ large. Another snippet from this ridiculously pathetic email reads,

Polls show that a majority of voters everywhere support an exit from Iraq. That means that there isn’t a single Democratic member of Congress whose constituents don’t want to bring our troops home. Representatives who vote with President Bush on Iraq are voting against their districts.

But deciding to support primary challenges is a big step

Primary challenges is a synonym for democracy. And as they explain, deciding to support that is a big step for their organization. They cease to almost not even be worth blogging about. Pathetic. They go a bit further in this campaign, posturing as being outside the big party mainstream,

There are a lot of Democrats in Congress who are Democrats In Name Only (DINOs)—they don’t represent their constituents

Anyone that has followed politics for any length of time in this country with even a moderate understanding knows that almost every Congressional Democrat qualifies for that moniker. Healthcare, trade agreements, education spending, immediate Iraq withdrawal. The list is long. The Democrats and MoveOn have a lot in common. Neither really care what people think but it is their job to pretend that they do which means more silly emails like this one from MoveOn and more noises from Clinton, Obama and Edwards.

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