White Progressive Politics

An email just in from Democracy For America:

Dear DFA Member,

Watch The REAL Rudy video from DFA's friends at Brave New Films

Why is Rudy Giuliani currently the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination? The answer is September 11th.

Now, Democracy for America’s friends at Brave New Films have created a hard-hitting video revealing The REAL Rudy. Check it out:


On September 11, the media chose to spotlight Rudy above everyone else, but not for his mistakes leading up to the attacks. There was no mention of faulty radios first responders had to use because Rudy had spent the money specifically allocated for fixing them on something else. No questions asked about why Rudy hadn’t properly protected the World Trade Center after the first bombing attack a few years earlier.

And perhaps the biggest mistake left unspoken was the real reason he ran around on the ground that day for everyone to see; Rudy located his strategic command center inside the World Trade Center.

What would’ve been different had that command center been operational?

The death toll for firefighters probably would have been cut in half. A lot of guys wouldn’t have been heading into the building or up the stairs; they would have been heading out” answers New York City Firefighter, Andy Ansbro. “Guys in the north tower would have gotten that message.”

Our friends at Brave New Films have put together an excellent video detailing Rudy’s command center mistakes. Watch it now. Then sit down with your Republican brother-in-law and ask him to watch it with you:


This is only the beginning for The REAL Rudy campaign. Brave New Films has at least three more videos planned to fully expose Giuliani’s numerous mistakes on, before and after 9/11. Rudy’s campaign spokesman, Mike McKeon had this to say about the video:

“It’s unfortunate that a conspiracy theorist so disconnected from reality would launch a politically motivated hit video?”¹

By “unfortunate”, I’m pretty sure he meant “unfortunate for Rudy”. You’ll understand why once you’ve seen the video. Afterwards, don’t forget to spread the word. America needs to know the REAL Rudy.


Thank you for everything you do.

Charles Chamberlain
Political Director

I guess I need not have included the entire email but context is always better if possible. What’s interesting is this line,

sit down with your Republican brother-in-law and ask him to watch it with you

I’ve often been critical of MoveOn.org, DFA and other political communities that identify as progressives because they often exclude or take no pains to overcome the societal inertia of political ethnic segregation. What am I talking about? If you are black and reading this, ask yourself, how many brother-in-laws do you have that are Republican? How many Republicans are you close to, period? This email, like most correspondence and policy emanating from these types of groups, was meant for white readers.

Either DFA knows it doesn’t have any black participants, doesn’t care that its correspondence isn’t appropriate or is unaware that it is. I’m sure this isn’t the aim of Demcracy for America, to alienate the few black participants that it has. However good intentions only go so far when functionally DFA’s actions undermine their own stated organizational goals, to build a broad progressive movement across the US as well as undermine progressivism generally by creating a divided structures. I don’t agree with DFAs political strategy generally but it doesn’t seem to be too much to ask for them to simply have political aware communication to their constituency.

I have attended DFA meetings here in the A and its difficult enough being in these meetings as the attendees tend to be center-right or at best centrists with an unsophisticated political analysis (to be kind). I am left everytime feeling as if I’m not supposed to be here. I’m sure other non-whites have and do feel similarly in such meetings across the country. So when I peek into my inbox and find that I can’t even escape the same vapid political sensibilities even there…..?

What is a black leftist to do in Atlanta?

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