Mos Def Speaks On Bill Maher’s Real Time

This is yet another example of how white America must keep radical black folks off the air lest the curtain be pulled back on damn near everything. Bill Maher pulls a quasi acknowledgment during this clip. White and black opinion in the US remain highly polarized on many if not most major issues.  Please notice that progressive whites do come on Bill Maher’s show on a regular basis.  But you rarely get this kind of discourse when ANY white progressive comes on.  I say this to denote the difference-the stark difference-even between progressive whites and black folks generally.  Even progressive whites peg the reactionary meter when placed next to black folks.  Which is why black opinions must be kept off the air.

I love how Cornel West gives props to Mos as one of the brilliant artists of his generation. More of our black intellectuals need to step up and give props to the brothers and sisters on the front lines of the culture war instead of sitting silent while they take abuse or suffer imposed obscurity by those running the United States of White America.

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