NYTimes Again Carrying Water For Bush Administration; This Time It’s For The AG Appointee

New York Times Loving Embrace With Bush Attorney General Appointee Mukasey 

Not that this is unusual or anything like that. But it needs to be pointed out because as sure as the sun will set, this attorney general will, after pledging to uphold it, commence to breaking the law. Just like Ashcroft. Just like Gonzales. So why would a liberal newspaper like the New York Times be found lauding a conservative Bush appointee? In their own words, (speaking of appointee Mukasey)

His admirers include Senator Charles E. Schumer, the New York Democrat who led the campaign to oust Alberto R. Gonzales from the Justice Department; the Alliance for Justice, a liberal group that monitors judicial nominations; and several prominent New York City criminal defense lawyers who are normally fiercely critical of the Bush administration.

The Times digs deep, doing its part to yet again mislead or perhaps assist its readership in misleading itself by portraying Mukasey as being some kind of moderate. A moderate oddly appointed by extremists. But lets not get into that. Let’s sprinkle more liberal pixie dust on Mukasey,

Nor is Mr. Mukasey (pronounced mew-KAY-see) a Washington insider with experience in managing a federal bureaucracy. He is a New Yorker through and through…


In Mr. Mukasey’s 18 years on the federal bench in Manhattan, his reputation among prosecutors and defense lawyers alike was that of a fair-minded judge who did nothing to suggest that his personal political views played any role in his rulings.

Eventually it just becomes silly to think that the NYTimes, like other corporate outlets, is anything other than a tool of empire. Fulfilling the role of corporate media which is to propagandize the population all the while creating and sustaining the veneer of democracy. Far from a liberal outlet, the so-called paper of record is, while not as conservative as they come, definitely a conservative establishment team player that does its part every time it comes to bat. Remember this initial love session when Mukasey begins breaking the law and the Times feigns surprise, surprise.

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