Student Asks Kerry Why He Conceded the 2004 Election. Security Respond With Tazer. Kerry Watches

It’s too bad this happened at a Kerry event which means that self-styled liberal and progressives in the US will likely never hear about it.

University of Florida student Andrew Meyer asks Kerry three questions,

  1. Why he conceded on the day of the 2004 election amidst claims of widespread voter fraud amongst his core constituency, black voters.
  2. If he is a member of Skull & Bones and
  3. Why it is that he won’t push to impeach Bush for his laundry list of high crimes.

He does not approach Kerry. He does not use profanity. He doesn’t even talk for 5 minutes as anyone who has been to these types of things knows is usually the major offense.

For only questioning Kerry the student is tackled, dragged and tazed.

Kerry watches.

The Democrats are the enemy.  The Republicans are the enemy.  They are the same people.

Wake up.  Your freedom is an illusion.

4 Responses to “Student Asks Kerry Why He Conceded the 2004 Election. Security Respond With Tazer. Kerry Watches”

  1. 1) So is there anyone who’s NOT the enemy?
    2) Have you been rounded up and dragged to prison yet for posting this?

  2. You, as usual, seem to take vague issue with some part of my characterization here? Is it the part of the Democrats being the enemy? The Republicans? For clarification, I refer to the two big parties as structures, meaning the leadership and overall thrust and purpose, not the millions of rank and file who follow them, for the most part, blindly.

    There are lots of people NOT the enemy, as you ask. The small minority of current so-called established leadership, however, are not among our friends.

    Are you a Democrat or Republican?

    As for me being rounded up and dragged off to prison for this post…is that the best you can do, Luke?

  3. 1) The vague issue I take with many of your posts is the impression you give of it being You against everyone else in the World who doesn’t see things exactly like you do.

    You either don’t really believe this, which makes some of your language choices a little heavy-handed, or you do, which makes you come across as somewhat paranoid.

    To answer your other question, I’m a social conservative, which means I line up more closely with Republicans than Democrats, but I’m not a huge fan of either. In that, I agree with you. I just don’t consider them as active enemies I suppose.

    2) The second question I asked was in a sarcastic/joking fashion, but I had a point with that as well.

    People commonly reference isolated outrageous incidents like the Kerry story (the way the kid was treated was outrageous, certainly) and then use them to imply somewhat murkily that our country either is, or is gradually becoming, Nazi Germany or something like it.

    My point is this: it was a regrettable incident, but was the result of a couple of small town (or maybe even campus security guards/police?) police getting out of hand, something for which they will probably lose their jobs, and may end up being fined, etc.

    This is a far cry from a government-sanctioned force going around and systematically limiting free speech. If that’s what we had, you might actually be in danger for your last post. 🙂

    If you weren’t trying to imply any of the above, I withdraw the sarcastic tone of the question.

  4. Thanks for the reply LukeD. We’ve had some strained exchanges before which were probably unnecessary. Or maybe not. In this case, the points you raise, both about what happened and my word choice, highlight the message I attempted to get across.

    This incident isn’t isolated. I don’t know (or remember right away, if you’ve indicated in the past) whether or not you are a male or female, white, black, red or brown but this kind of repression isn’t an uncommon incident in US society. It is uncommon to some people in some communities. People and communities that consistently are denied the visceral reality of this society. That is why this video’d incident has become so damn popular.

    To speak bluntly, unless they are the working class type, white folks aren’t used to seeing people dragged around and electroshocked like that. And they definitely aren’t used to seeing it happen to college-aged, politically oriented white kids. That is the plain truth regarding the uproar around this incident. As a black person, I can no longer count on both hands the number of times I’ve seen folks in the neighborhood tased. For older cats, that thing can be lethal!! So violent state repression under the rubric whites usually cheer, law enforcement, has always been around. What is interesting now is the increasingly laissez-faire attitude prevalent among the US population (particularly middle class and above white folks) toward violence from the gov’t.

    That’s the story here.

    Visit the whitosphere (the white blogs) and then go look at the blackosphere and you’ll see the difference. Whites are arguing over this incident with the student’s behavior as the focus of the discussion, coming up with new and inventive ways to blame the victim. Non-whites are largely using this as a discussion tool to talk about the ongoing violence of police (campus and otherwise).

    And look again at the video. And this is important. The largely all-white crowd is at times celebratory that the campus goons are forcibly removing their fellow student. They are happy about it! This is not a small point. They audibly become less happy only when they hear his screams from being tasered.

    Thus the situation becomes an apt metaphor for the increasingly fascist nature of this society. The invasion and subsequently unavoidable wholesale slaughter of civilians by US bombs is lauded from a distance with sloganeering (support the troops perpetrating the slaughter) but when the US public sees photos of kids with chunks of their face missing, or it sees Abu Ghraib with many innocent detainees being shit on or it sees Iraqi children orphaned daily at checkpoints, in other words when it hears the screams of Iraqis, only then does the public open its collective eyes and mouths and begin to express dismay for the other (this college student was at least temporarily the other psychologically the other as he didn’t toe the establishment political line).

    But as in this tasering incident, the US population doesn’t actually do anything, it just expresses brief and ultimately insignificant dismay at having to see and hear the human reality of what it supports. This seems to me undeniably elements of a popular slide into fascism that is falling largely along racial lines.

    Scary stuff.

    Combine that lesson with the adjacent lesson to be learned with the relative lack of outrage from many of the same people to Rev. Lennox Yearwood, one of the peace movements luminaries getting jumped and beat up in the halls of Congress (resulting in broken bones). And oh yeah, this former Air Force officer, former intern to Prez Clinton and current president of the Hip Hop Caucus and instrumental player in the antiwar movement also happens to have a characteristic that mitigates all of those things which would normally result in lots of press when a peace movement figure of this stature gets his bones broken in the halls of Congress by the Capitol police. Rev. Lennox Yearwood happens to be black.

    So these two incidents happening within days of each other illustrate that our collective national outrage to police violence has a color attached to it. Adding yet another element to this sick equation.

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