Is Worthless For Black People?

Today I received an email from asking me to team up with them to help stop the violent oppression of monks in Burma. emails usually don’t merit much attention from me but I was struck this time by how MoveOn saw it to be politically doable to email their membership initiating a campaign to address what is happening in Burma but didn’t so jack about the Jena 6 situation.

To be clear, is an appendage of the Democratic Party within the United States. The most devoted block within the Democratic Party are Africans living inside the US. By every significant indicator, Jena was of serious concern to Africans in the United States but not to Black bloggers like Francis Holland have written about the blackosphere vs the whiteosphere in reference to the racial political divide within the so-called left of the US. Jena highlighted this more than any other event thus far. The whiteosphere was missing in action in regards to the injustice still happening in Jena., largely looked upon as not reflective of the Democratic Party as a whole but merely the white wing of the Democratic Party. Of course, charges like this are always looked upon skeptically because the overarching political and social discourse inside the US and abroad is disproportionately controlled by whites and whites tend to not see racism or to downplay its effects.

Jena because of the unity it sparked within the national black community became a case that couldn’t be ignored by the mainstream (read: white) media. Even still, and other self-styled progressive networks of communication and activism, did ignore it. Which makes today’s campaign to come to the aid and show support of the Burma monks, all the more insulting to the black polity and illustrative of the racism of so-called white progressive organizations.

MoveOn has even gone so far as to craft an official statement opposing the crackdown in Burma and supporting the pro-democracy movement there.

“We stand alongside the citizens of Burma in their peaceful protests. We urge you to oppose a violent crackdown on the demonstrators, and to support genuine reconciliation and democracy in Burma. We pledge to hold you accountable for any further bloodshed.”

If MoveOn can recognize the injustice happening to monks in Burma, several thousand miles away, are black people to believe it couldn’t understand or see the imperative of being on top of the Jena 6 case?

This is the insulting manner in which consistently regards blacks in the US. Which begs the question, is of any use to black people, the most loyal ethnic constituency within the Democratic Party?

4 Responses to “Is Worthless For Black People?”

  1. I can understand wanting to draw more attention to the Jena 6 incident, but I’m sorry, comparing it to the situation in Burma illustrates how ignorant you are of the situation over there.

    It’s called Myanmar these days, because the country is occupied by a violent, dictatorial military junta, who decided to rename the whole damn thing and move the capital city. People are routinely beaten, murdered, raped, robbed, and rounded up for the slightest hint of democratic action, Buddhist action, or simple disagreement. The situation with the monks is just scratching the surface of the problems over there, but ties in heavily with problems Buddhist monks also face in China. You do know that Tibet is not far North of Myanmar, right?

    None of the people involved in the Jena 6 situation, black or white, are 100% innocent. You know why MoveOn, and many others, aren’t that concerned? It’s an example of stupid people doing stupid shit, not a cause for political unrest, and to compare it to the rape and exploitation of an entire country is disgusting and ignorant.

  2. Jena, is in your words, ‘an example of stupid people doing stupid shit’.

    Your racist disposition puts on display the mental and psychological cancer I tried to describe much better than I could have ever done it. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. When will we see the following statement from MoveOn:

    “We stand alongside the [Black] citizens of [The United States of America] in their peaceful efforts to drive to work and home again, in the face of ever-present police profiling, intimidation, assault and murder.] We urge you to oppose a violent crackdown on [Blacks in the aftermath of the election of the new Black president Barack Obama], and to support genuine reconciliation and democracy in [the United States, including a return to Blacks of buildings that were built with Black slave labor.]

    We pledge to hold [the United States] accountable for any further bloodshed, after the innumerable killings of unarmed, and even shackled and defenseless Blacks by police officers in the United States of America.

  4. If MoveOn were to ever make such a statement they would risk losing their racist white liberal constituency, their base. Thus we will never see such a statement or anything resembling it.

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