Satellite Imaging of Burma?

Satellite Images May Show Myanmar Abuses

The information warfare forces of the West are now deploying stupid articles about satellite images that ‘may prove’ abuses happening in Burma. Interesting isn’t it, how these images are so readily available to indict others but next to impossible to rest your eyes upon when it comes to Iraq and the game the US empire has skin in.

This is stupid not because what is happening in Burma isn’t serious but because the US and ‘its allies’ could of course stop the slaughter with a phone call. This is stupid because its obviously just posturing for internal propaganda for the US population and other ‘western’ countries that need reassuring that they aren’t as fascist as they actually are.

So the double standards of global white supremacy shows its fangs once again. Can’t get enough of the propagandistic hypocrisy? Watch Charlie Rose, resident of the country with more nukes than the entire Arab world combined, lecture President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinajehad as to why ‘the world’ (read: white countries) feel they can’t allow him to have one nuke.

Rose claims Iran having one would set off the region where every country would feel they needed one, precisely what Charlie’s country did and continues to do. Rose, of course, pretends to not understand what I and anyone can instantly point out as a fault in the logic. This is not because Rose can’t do basic logic.  It is because he, like most whites, has internalized white supremacist thinking and doesn’t see the very basic and obvious contradiction in his entire rationale.  Like his white countrymen, when it comes to people of other ‘races’ he simply can’t look in the mirror.

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