Finally Someone Kicks Bill Maher In The Head: Go Michael Eric Dyson!

Bill Maher can be credited for bringing interesting people onto his show.

But that’s about it.

Bill Maher says a few laudable things maybe every few months. For the most part, he spends his time reciting white liberal talking points and asking his black guests to explain OJ. The other day, however, he had on Michael Eric Dyson, a brother who doesn’t usually sit by and let white hosts play the white liberal game. He gives it to Maher like only Dyson can. Maher does not like it. But he has nothing to come back with. Not even the typical deflecting Bill Maher joke.

An instant classic!!

I submit that this kind of public putting in place is helpful for progressive struggles. And all the better that it happen to a Bill Maher than a Bill O’Reilly which wouldn’t surprise or educate white folks that need a few strong shots of that tonic called reality.

One Response to “Finally Someone Kicks Bill Maher In The Head: Go Michael Eric Dyson!”

  1. CHMT,

    Michael Eric Dyson is something else. Good thing Troi “Star” Torain and Crossover Negro Reese of The Star And BucWild Show checked that fool a few years back in regards to Dyson’s use of the word nigger.

    –The Wow Jones Report

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