Whites Care More About Animals Than People

We live in a highly alienated society. People are further away from each other than ever. Take a read or listen to the book/audio, Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam, a Harvard sociologist. He details with high statistical acumen the decline of social clubs and social groupings generally inside the US. It’s an astonishing listen or read. His research does much to contextualize what we see in everyday life. Our democracy is a sham. The ‘choice’ we have is always between a few people pre-selected for us by the two factions of the Business Party. Anyone else that tries to run is either unheard of or hellishly vilified as a spoiler. So there is no functioning democracy in the US. I bring this up because a characteristic of a functioning democracy is community. Community of some type is essential. If you don’t have a relationship with the folks around you, you can’t know them. If you don’t know each other, you can’t help each other with the problems of life that may need bigger help (bigger meaning the govt) because it takes large numbers of folks to make the bigger thing happen. So the alienation between humans is at an all-time high but the love affair with dogs and other pets that whites exemplify is also at an all-time high.

Question: Are dogs acting as some kind of proxy connection whites are missing with other humans?

The second point that is worth mentioning is the emphasis and care that is put whenever animals are harmed. Contrast that with the relative lack of care at all when people are harmed and you have an alarmingly toxic recipe for sociopathy. Whites are serious practitioners of this. Case in point. Last year, here in Atlanta 2 teens tortured and baked a young puppy in an oven. PETA and the local group GARP (Georgia Animal Rights and Protection) were heavily advocating for these kids to receive life sentences for the killing of this puppy. Unfortunately we usually have to resort to conjecture and hypothetical to highlight what we think motivates people but in this case we were lucky. Events provided a social experiment for us.

Also at the time the Atlanta police department had an incident where they barged into the home of an unarmed 92 year old woman, a great-grandmother. Her name was Kathryn Johnston. They fired a 100 shots, killing her. Supposedly it was over drugs. Then they said she shot back at them. Then we found out she didn’t. Then they said it wasn’t about drugs, they got a bad tip.

The officers that shot this unarmed elderly black grandmother got the same sentence that the kids who killed the puppy did.

Some people will read this and immediately begin making excuses and looking for outs to make it sensible or whatever. Those people will always exist just as there were people who never saw what was wrong with enslavement during the time that it flourished. Some people will ALWAYS defend the wrong things first.

What I find a more interesting question is why it is that whites (GARP and PETA) are both virtually 100% white organizations, find it a meaningful duty and responsibility to defend the rights and lives of animals but not black people also at risk, as the Kathryn Johnston incident illustrated. There were many whites that protested and came out when the puppy murder trial was looking like the kids might not get harsh sentences. The whites applied pressure and lobbied to get the newspaper to print harsh material and turned the public tide in the direction of harsher sentencing for the kids. In the case of the elderly woman killed by the cops, these whites were nowhere to be seen or heard. Also, other whites were absent as well. There was a great deal of on the streets protest but it was almost 100% black.

Because the height of these events happened almost at the same time, the beginning of this year, no one can claim it was a different time or era. This provided a social experiment pointing out the absurdity many already thought.

White people care more about animals than they do about humans, especially non-white humans. In my opinion there should be some studying done on the psyche of whites. There must be a deeper answer to this widespread and highly anti-social behavior exhibited by everyday, supposedly normal white people.

23 Responses to “Whites Care More About Animals Than People”

  1. The majority of your posts deal with racism, and in virtually all of these, you speak abouts whites with only the most thinly-veiled hatred in your voice.

    I’m interested: do you actually believe that you yourself are NOT a racist, or that somehow, you are part of the solution instead of the problem?

    FWIW, I agree with you about PETA. The fact that so much uproar occurs at the brutal deaths of dogs while we become desensitized to the deaths of fellow humans is appalling.

    What Mike Vick did to those dogs was wrong. That fact that some people care more about those deaths than the deaths of other human beings is wrong as well.

  2. I don’t have hatred for whites, Luke. I have hatred for actions. I don’t know if you are white. If you have more concern for dogs than humans, particularly black humans, I hate that belief system and the action it spurs. What you are sensing is my love for people and my anger at the actions and beliefs of those that seek to or by way of willful ignorance, do much harm to those that I love.

    I assume you are a blogger. Obviously you are a reader of them. If you do not, I would encourage you to visit the black blogs more. The term blackosphere has been used (as in opposed to the whitosphere). On black blogs you’ll find opinions like mine to be common.

    Most often people don’t comment on this site but instead email me with complaints and issues with my posts. Almost always they are folks that are accustomed to a diet of only white opinions. Or at best white sanctioned black opinion and thought.

    What I’m saying is that while you and I may never agree with my tone, perhaps if you diversify your inputs, you might understand it more.

    There is a lot of passion and at times, anger in the voice with which I discuss some issues. If, like on this issue of PETA, you agree with my premise, my question to you is where is your anger at the masses of whites (don’t pretend its just PETA) that seem to value domesticated animal life far more than their fellow man/woman? Be he an African living in the US, an El Salvadorian or an Iraqi, US whites demonstrate time and again, that those lives have less value than do their pets.

    The psychology underlying this belief system, the worthlessness of some human life, is a big part of how easily we are persuaded to enter into these wars of aggression against nations like Iraq, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua in which millions have been killed.

    LukeD, where is your anger?

  3. marcg,
    Telling the truth aint hate, unless the liar is gulity.

    I thought I was the only one noticed this highly disturbing trend. The Mike Vick case has really drove it home to me. Immediately whites were up in arms, whereas blacks were saying although its wrong, it aint all that bad. My brothers and their friends used to fight dogs all the time when we were growing up. None of them were ever killed.

    But now, As SOON as any animal is hurt, killed or abused (which is wrong to do that) 11Alive and all the other media publicize it as if ten grade school children had been lined up and shot execution style. The sentence demands and outcry from the people-haters groups like PETA and GARP are behind this. The deeper problem is that slowly we are seeing the life of an animal get more value than that of a human being!

    Have you noticed that when black people are killed, murdered or abused there is a chirp, chirp from the media. Black women go missing and it barely makes local news. But they devote much of the time to animal rights stories. Something is wrong, bruh!

    I cant help but say that the devaluing of human life has been helped along by the abortion industry. You also have to look at the extremist “environmenalist” movement for placing more value on birds, trees and grass than people.

    Keep the heat on brother. Something is WRONG and I fear black people will suffer greatly behind it. I will be coming back to read more.

  4. Good lookin out gcm. It is a disturbing state of affairs where we have whites who care only about white girls that go missing and poodles. Iraqis, blacks that live 3 blocks over, none of that matters in contrast to other whites (whom they seem to really only care a whole lot about when rallied by the media first!) and their pets. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all whites (so please white people, stop emailing me with that lame rationale!!) I would like to see the white who don’t fall into this category spend less time emailing me (and other people who point out the truth) to assuage their guilty consciences and more time dealing with the white neighbors that are everyday seeming more like anachronisms belonging in 19305 Germany than contemporary human beings.

    You keep telling the truth as well, brother.

    Oh. And now after months of calling for Vick to be sacked, kicked, tortured and killed, PETA is trying to bully Mike Vick into making a PETA ad for them. While Vick was certainly stupid, irresponsible and more than a little disconnected from his humanity in engaging in the dogfighting biz, these white folks are ruthless sociopaths unable to look in the mirror at themselves and with a white media with no interest in forcing them to, a task it busies itself with on a daily basis when it comes to non-whites, especially blacks.

    And I noticed last month that after Vick had been properly skewered, the NYTimes, in typical white liberal fashion attempted to create plausible deniability for its role in the electronic lynching of Mike Vick by coming through when it no longer mattered in the court of public opinion with an after-the-fact observation many had been making from the start,

    Vick has been subjected to greater outrage and punishment than players who have committed violence against people in shootings, incidents of domestic violence or fatal traffic accidents

    — the NYTimes Sept. 8th, after Mike Vick had been pushed into a guilty plea by public opinion fueled by racist reporting from the NYTimes, AJC et al

  5. “Oh. And now after months of calling for Vick to be sacked, kicked, tortured and killed, PETA is trying to bully Mike Vick into making a PETA ad for them. While Vick was certainly stupid, irresponsible and more than a little disconnected from his humanity in engaging in the dogfighting biz, these white folks are ruthless sociopaths unable to look in the mirror at themselves and with a white media with no interest in forcing them to, a task it busies itself with on a daily basis when it comes to non-whites, especially blacks.”

    Yeah, I agree I could kick Vick in his butt for squandering all that he had like that. That was mega-stupid. But like you pointed out, how much justice do you need to heap on one dog-fighting, rich black man?? I see that they are after that rapper whats his name now too.

    Believe me I dont believe in killling animals. At. All. I once confronted a boy I saw beating a dog mercilessly and made him stop. But like I said theres a deeper problem and that is the devaluing of human life. And yes without question race is a factor. They can deny it all they want to.
    As far as I can tell it has only been blacks that have been indicted. Jamie King alluded to this: Have they at all considered that some black folk see nothing wrong with fighting dogs because it has been a part of our community –especially rural– for a long time?

    Im sorry to say but I hate PETA. I remember Mary J Blige told them last year they would get a personal beat down if they threw something on her real fur. IOW, she was saying I aint none-a these white girls yall attacking. LOL

    I hope that VICK wont lose his manhood and cowdown to PETA. I might lose respect for him myself for that.

    peace and great post bro

  6. […] Vick incident went down, the color of the outrage there reminded all who might have forgotten, that white people care more about animals than other humans.  For those with extra short memories and for those that didn’t get it the first last round, […]

  7. Hi-your article really made me think about this issue. At first I wanted to say that you were crazy and racist, but once I started with my comment, I realised that you’re right.

    I agree with most of what you said-I think that the deaths of minorities in particular are getting significantly less news coverage then whites, and of animals. Regardless of what some people say, the life of an animal shouldn’t be viewed as more than a human’s. (I’m Asian, by the way.)

    On the other hand, those teenagers should have been punished for killing the puppy, because people who abuse and kill animals are often liable to do the same to a humans, not to mention the fact that animal torture is wrong.

    I think what you’re writing is interesting and I look forward to coming back and seeing your blog.

  8. They BAKED a puppy. They should get life in prison. Didnt you see one of the teenagers was convicted of forcing a 3 year old to have oral sex on him? Offenders who commit animal cruelty dont stop there. They continue on to eventually take their rage out on people. Most serial killers started out torturing animals. Stop sticking up for monsters who happen to be black. You should spend your time helping the situations you talk about instead of ranting about white people caring about animals. Animals are innocent creatures. You, however, seem full of hate and jealousy.

  9. Will it help things for me to yell back at you, Andrea? I don’t believe so. I think this society has a race problem. Nothing escapes it. So for someone non-white like myself, it is difficult to not see the difference in the level of vitriol, from whites, directed, for instance, at these two boys for their treatment of a puppy as opposed to the kind of stance taken by these whites for say, the killing of a million Iraqis. It’s not a denial of the brutality of our society that produces kids who will treat a small animal this way. It is more a pointing out of the deeper rot in our society that produces people, largely whites, who demonstrate more empathy towards animals than people. And especially more empathy towards animals than towards humans that are non-white.

    I have pets and love them. I don’t hate animals. Nor do I hate the whites I’m highlighting with this post, but what I’m saying does seem true to me. Whites, not all whites but on the whole, demonstrate more empathy for pets than black people. This is an ironic statement on the humanity, the lack of it, of the same whites who think themselves to be very caring. It is interesting and pathological circle of delusion.

    And the delusion doesn’t end at animals. Look at how most whites view the US role in history and in the contemporary world. They see us as humanitarian, trying to help others. This thinking doesn’t provide space for them to stop and ask why is it that we, who are supposedly so committed to helping, always have so much while others barely have enough to survive.

    This is something a child should be able to understand but our entire political and cultural system is built upon whites (who control these systems) endlessly trying to ‘solve’ this conundrum.

  10. Tammy Wisely Says:

    I am white and I totally agree with the author. I unfortunately have had some very bad experiences with whites in power due to divorce and custody issues.

    My two children from my first marriage are biracial and have had quite a lot of racist actions directed at them while I and my youngest son who is white have had the same when it is well known in our small town that we are an interracial family.

    I have had my pets stolen by my neighbors and was told by the white racist KKK leader judge in Santa Fe Texas that I would have to pay dearly to get my dog back. The judge and local law enforcement have threatened me and my family with jail, the breakup of our family, and certain other threats of terrorism. Yet this same judge is an animal rights activist and is frequently in the newspaper for doing such good deeds as rescuing abused or neglected animals. However, when I called the same local newspaper to report his lack of justice in a case where my neighbors stole a pedigreed dog from us, he bragged how he knew them and refused to accept the DNA evidence and other clear evidence that these wonderful people as he put it stole our family pet. I guess he figured the local red neck neighbors deserved to steal our family pet because as the judge put it “my biracial kids would grow up to be bad people.” My sons are no angels but racial profiling in the Santa Fe Texas is a real thing. My middle son has never been in trouble yet what he deals with here in this town, is unbelievable. We don’t have the money or resources to move. The family courts have taken all my savings of 20 thousand or more dollars. I guess we are lucky we still have our house. The newspaper wouldn’t print the felony theft of our pet because they were afraid of the Judge. suing the paper.

    Sadly, pets are much more valued than my family’s life here in Santa Fe Texas. A year ago a woman was murdered in her home here in Santa Fe. The police had no leads and nothing ever came of it. I guess she didn’t play the game the way the white authorities wanted her too. That is why I can’t publish the story. I have kids.


  11. Tammy, your experience is tragic and angering. No one deserves the treatment you and your family are receiving. Alas, it isn’t terribly surprising. Nor is it surprising to see that the judge at the delivery end of the racist punishment is a caring and tender lover of animals. This is a common theme amongst whites. The psychological transference of the compassion, love and respect that they, in a healthy and balanced world, would be giving to other humans to animals and pets. However, neo-white supremacy doesn’t allow whites born into to have balanced existences unless they rebel. Most do not choose rebellion as it carries a high material price. Something you’d know far more about than I would. Most whites lack your courage, however. Most take the easy route and psychologically, morally and ethically lose themselves in the neo-white supremacist meat grinder that is Amerikkka. That is why, outside of whites like yourself, Tammy, I and other blacks, usually get confused stares if not outright anger when we tell the truth about whites and animals.

    I hope you can continue to fight and struggle to protect your family and hold on to your humanity, Tammy. The world needs more, not less of your kind.

  12. Tammy Wisely Says:

    Thank you for your reply. It gave me comfort to know that there is someone out there who sees the big picture with what is going on between peoples to keep some in power while disempowering others. Women of course are also among the disempowered and oppressed.

    I read the article about these kids torturing a puppy. It was horrible and yet we condone this type of thing towards fellow human beings without even blinking an eye. I don’t think that they just decided one day to go and do this. I am sure the root of the problem is our societal acceptance of violence directed at our fellow human beings. From my experience, violence and oppression is condoned against minorities and women as part of a social norm. Teens who curse and defy their mothers are told that this is normal behavior. Whites who make racist remarks towards people of color are smiled upon by community leaders. Racist remarks are made all the time between whites, yet it is carefully hidden from the public eye. You won’t see any newspaper articles print anything negative concerning human rights violations against a judge or other powerful white leaders. Even if their comrades turn on them, they are rarely sanctioned for crimes they have committed against humanity.

    On the other hand, let a judge treat an animal unfairly and it will be in the local media the next day. I know many police officer wives whose children who happen to be white, abuse their mothers both verbally and physically but who will listen. Not the local law enforcement and certainly not the judge who is part of the Good Old Boy Network working hand in hand to railroad minorities by frequent charges of infractions of the law both real and made up. Texas is well known for profiling minorities and issuing traffic citations whether or not the individual committed the offense or not. This type of oppression prevents a young person from even having a driving license when the tickets are so numerous and so often that the finds are too big to pay. I know this because I have been in the car when my son was stoped for alledgedly speeding. I told the officer that he was not. He let us go after he was verbally abusive to me. Mo wonder the world is out of balance. Just watch Nancy Grace and see murderers getting away with murdering other human beings. The local papers are very reserved as to what truths they can tell for fear of powerful people with powerful allies.

    So, kids who abuse animals have probably been socialized towards violence. It is occurring frequently here in the United States and abroad. It seems like our society is becoming increasingly violent towards fellow human beings and animals are caught in the crossfire. Society needs to wake up and get these abusive white supremist leaders out of office. They dish out judicial tyranny without conscious. This trickles down to the rest of society. There is going to be a revolution by our youth just like what happened in Japan when all the youth who were imprisoned got out and the leaders were then the minority.

    Anyone going to court against powerful whites is in serious trouble. Mock trials are held behind closed doors and no lawyer will dare take your case even if you have proven your case a hundred percent. These lawyers know the judge rules supreme and that they have to make him happy to keep their jobs lest they get blackballed from ever working again.

    Three have been lawyers from outside of this area here in Santa Fe try to fight the system and have lost. This is not unique here in Santa Fe Texas. It is happening everywhere and it is kept secret. It is going to take the people standing up and saying that they are not going to tolerate hate and racism anymore. Then balance will return to the world. If fellow humans are not respected and treated humanely, then how are young people supposed to have compassion for animals. Human beings are treated like trash all the time. The mother I mentioned earlier who is married to a police officer is also helpless against the system and lives in constant fear. She has no where to go for help. Yet, most people would blame her for her situation and not have any empathy for her at all. It it was an animal, the animal rights groups would be there along with the media and law enforcement to ensure justice and protection for the animal be carried forth.

    The Hopi Indians prophetsized that a Great change in consiousness would take place and reality would no longer be what we know today. They and many other cultures say that until women who are the caregivers and the nurturers of children return to a place of honor among society, then the world is in great peril and headed towards catastophry. The Hope say that one of the last signs is when a woman or other disempowered people try to take back their power is when the final events will be set into motion. Whether you believe or not, we now have a woman and a man of color running for the presidentcy. If either one win, there will be much needed change. I just hope it isn’t too late. It is time for peace not senseless killing of fellow human beings. It is time to restore the balance to all things.

  13. […] Why can white people become so emotional when it comes to animals but are so silent when it comes to people and most of all PoC? Whites Care More About Animals Than People […]

  14. Do you actually believe some of the crap you’ve written here? I just happened across this post randomly, I am not a frequent visitor to your site. But man, c’mon. Insinuating that whites are racist because they care more for animals than blacks? Dude, I love animals and run a rescue specifically to protect them from harm from MANKIND, whether that be from black, white, asian, native… whomever. I don’t really care about human kind in general, its not a racial thing, its a ‘human beings are a disease on this planet’ thing. Give it up with the racial crap.

  15. Thanks Troy.

  16. I too ran across your website at random. Interesting and thought provoking reading. I read with an open mind. But two points to ponder that come to mind are…one, people, of whatever race, black, white, all reces…can come to the aid of each other. (Maybe whites were not at the protest of Ms. Johnston because there are plenty of black people to come to her aid?) Animals cannot. If not people, who will act on their behalf?

    2nd point – how much black on black crime can the world watch without becoming somewhat immune? What is the black community doing to stop the cycle?

  17. Damionstrike Says:

    This article has been alive for a while now. I stumbled upon it cause I was looking for people who thought more like me. I just read the most recent Michael Vick story and the offer from some minor league football team and I got furious. First of all, I’m Puertorican and no, not those who claim to be but can’t even speak the language, I’m from the Island. I have to say that I have not experienced racial issues here since there isn’t much of a racial issue here. But watching the news these past years has made me aware of the racism in the USA. How is it that Michael Vick can get so much hatred, criticism and punishment for endangering the lives of animals while young female celebrities who endanger the lives of human beings with their driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol get a slap on the wrist. Not only that, you hear things like “It’s a cry for help”. What about Vick? You ruin all his hard work because some dogs could have been in danger but do nothing to these young white women? It just angers me to see things like this but is there really anything I can do to change things? At first I dismissed your article when you started generalizing with the term “whites” but when I saw beyond that I was able to understand your overall message. If PETA came over here they’d be outraged, “What are they doing to those chickens?” Cockfighting has been a tradition here for years and years and no one will complain about it until some rich minority is caught doing it.

  18. Exactly. The double standards in this country….well, this country is nothing but double standards. It’s almost time for Michael Vick to be released from prison and there is sure to be a storm of media in an attempt to force him to kiss white ass. We’ll see how he perseveres in the face of the pressure. I’m not a fan of rich people anywhere but from a symbolic standpoint, I wish that brother all the luck in the world standing up to this white power structure.

  19. Lori. Your threadbare reasoning about whites not being at the protests of Kathryn Johnston isn’t worthy of time-consuming response. If you even believe what you wrote I’d be surprised.

  20. Lori. Your second point is worthy of response for it taps into a thematic fantasy many whites enjoy permanent mental vacation within. That is the idea that crime in Black neighborhoods is a natural phenomenon with no beginning and possibly no end.

    How can I briefly sum up the ridiculousness of your thinking here? It is so terribly and deeply nonsensical that is difficult to know where to even begin. Deeper understanding of crime would demand you look deeper than media soundbites and into the economic roots.

    Black on black crime exists because of poverty. Poverty exists in the Black community for several reasons. One of the primary reasons, however, is historic and contemporary white racism. I’m sure that on some level of consciousness you must know this.

  21. My husband and I are (mostly) white and live in a multiracial neighborhood. We share a lifelong love for animals, and are longtime vegetarians.

    Hearing stories of animal abuse angers me as much as hearing stories of child abuse because animals, like children, are relatively defenseless. When adults are violent toward other adults, people expect that most adults can defend themselves at least to some degree unless they are the frail elderly or extremely disabled.

    I agree with an earlier poster that people do become desensitized to adult vs. adult violence, unless they happen to live in a neighborhood where violence affects their own quality of life. The neighborhood where I live is mostly working class and middle class; there is some drug activity and property crime, but I have not yet experienced a murder.

    Serious poverty is certainly a reason for prolonged and continuing racial conflict, but blacks and other ethnic groups in the working class should understand that some white people who are middle class and above unconsciously envy you. I do not know why, but many economiclly-stable white families only seem to show love to their children when they succeed in school, sports, and/or socially. Growing up, I had two friends who lived in “the projects” (one black, one white); when I visited, I could FEEL that people living in some degree of poverty tend to show love for each other on a regular basis, not just when trophies and good grades are involved.

    I certainly don’t intend to glamorize poverty, but children who have love, decent housing, food, clothing, medical care, and access to education should not be fighting (even killing) over meaningless status symbols such as designer clothing, jewelry, and expensive electronic toys. They already HAVE the good life, they just don’t know it.

    FYI, for years I have argued that what REALLY killed the civil-rights and women’s-rights movements is the fact that overall, blacks and women were not wise enough to question the values of the white patriarchy. Instead of access to the boardroom, they should have fought to change what is valued in this world.

  22. Well, they, Blacks and women (you mean white women I assume), figured that they could change the values by getting in the boardroom since the corporation is the most powerful institution in this country. It didn’t work. And it could never work. To become corporate is to adopt the values of white patriarchy. They didn’t see that. And plus, white women couldn’t get past their own racism enough to really ally with nonwhite folks anyhow. Another problem.

    Regarding being poor and the love you observed and felt. It really shouldn’t be glamourized. I know firsthand that there is a lot of love in poor Black communities. But that shouldn’t be glamorized and the pain of poverty overlooked. What should be focused on is ending poverty. And in order to end Black poverty you gotta go through white supremacy, which is the reason Black poverty exists in this country and the globe over.

    About the love piece specifically, focus on what ISN’T happening in the white hoods and I think we’ll be moved closer to solving all these problems. Often whites that have a clue focus on nonwhite communities and comment on the love there. We know. Focus on fixing the white community. Don’t let people not look at what is being done to the kids from those communities. White male supremacy is killing the kids and usually the white women appear more as hostages than mothers and spouses. It’s sad.

  23. ihatedogs Says:

    You know what bothers me most about these pet lovers (specially dogs) is the “moral police” attitude they have. There is uproar for neglected dog but what about Neglected 15 year old homless kid who lies on pavemnet in cold weather and NONE i say NONE of them pay attantion to, can I ask WHY??? Why is it we care for these dogs than actual VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE so we can play thois “morality ” card. Dogs are not PEOPLE and that is that they have no real HUMAN EMMOTIONS feelings pain and suffer emoitions like we do. Dogs are just animals acting on their instinct no they dont feel “love” since “love” is human invention and we dont have scintific pmethod to measuer if Love actually exist in dogs.

    I dont hate dogs what i HATE is this “moral police” pet owners try to become

    yea harm a PIG no problem while eat pig meat no problem harm a Cow nah their meat lookes good in those COUBLE COMBOS hamburgers, harm a TURKEY nah we wont have thanks giving wont we Harm a SNAKE oh my god ALL SNAKES are evil lets kills them all

    see what i did there i names these animals who dont and HSOULD NOT be suffered and BUCTHERED so they can becaome food of humans

    but isnt thjeir life worth to save???

    hey people in china eat DOG MEAT how could they ??? dogs are so “cute” they should nnot dog meats yea go protest for that

    and yooiu are right this “love” for pets specaillyd dogs is more consistent in wetsren culture . I went to south asian countries people there dont sleep with their dogs

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