Facebook and the CIA: A Match Made In Langley

For many of you out there that use Facebook this will probably be a major buzzkill.

For many of you, it won’t matter or affect how you use Facebook.

But for some, you’ll care, change your behavior in Facebook or dump the service altogether.

Facebook and the CIA: A Match Made In Langley

After watching this it is tempting to pretend it doesn’t matter. And most will I guess because historically that’s how police states develop.

Very slowly and with most folks thinking any single incident by itself isn’t that important.

With people being too naive to think anything bad could happen or too arrogant to admit that something not kosher is already in the works. Fortunately, you don’t have to believe that video because everything in it is currently easily researchable. I know that history informs us that although its easily researchable most people still won’t

  1. believe the information or
  2. in the case that they don’t believe it, attempt to verify it for themselves.

Even still, here is the website link to the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. Forget the stuff we don’t know, this website, its presence and purpose is right out there for all to see.

Today, more than ever, the Intelligence Community needs the newest and most powerful technologies for safeguarding national security, at home and around the world.

In-Q-Tel was established in 1999 as an independent, private, not-for-profit company to help the CIA and the greater US Intelligence Community (IC) to identify, acquire, and deploy cutting-edge technologies. (Facebook!)

In-Q-Tel’s mission is to deliver leading-edge capabilities to the CIA and the IC by investing in the development of promising technologies.

As the video presentation illustrates, Facebook’s money (and thus control) has flowed downward from the CIA through a series of connections just distant enough to give it deniability plausible enough for a population conditioned to scoff at or ignore anything not vetted by the officialdom of ABCNNBCBS and FOX. Facebook is Big Brother 2.0

What Now?

So what to do? The easy thing is to just delete your account. Well, actually, the easy thing in the short run is to just go back to sleep and pretend Big Brother isn’t watching. Outside of doing that, the easy thing to do is delete your account. However, if you believe this is actually a problem. That data collection and collation of this scale, the gov’t in league with private industry to watch your every online move and to provide the information to assist tracking in the real world, if you think this actually matters, just turning it off individually isn’t going to do it.

We need to post this video and spread this information to others. The best way to communicate with people being spied on via Facebook is inside Facebook. Keep your account. But instead of loading it up with your phone number, address, cc information and other things you might rather keep to yourself, use your account to spread the message of what is happening with information on the Facebook network. Post the video above on to your Facebook page. Put the link on your ‘wall’. Don’t berate people by messaging them. They will see the video and/or the link and they can make up their own minds about whether or not or probably more apt, how easy they want to make it for Big Brother to track them.

Good luck.

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