Martina Hingis, Former #1 Ranked Tennis Star Gets Caught Using Cocaine. Retires!

Hingis Tests Positive For That White Lady – No, Not Hillary

And the sporting world is trying to ignore it. As they do almost everytime a serious white star/public figure/celeb is caught coked up. Or using some kind of performance enhancing drug. But ask Barry Bonds, if you are black you need not pull a Martina Hingis and test positive for drugs to be front page news all week long. We could do thought experiments all day long as to what this would look like if Venus or Serena had tested positive for cocaine. But anyone who’s honest knows the rap so I won’t go too far into it for now. Back to Hingis.

She is denying it. Of course. But her urine sample as well as the backup both have tested positive. Her PR firm suggested she do a private test (what the fuck is that when it comes to drug exams?????) and of course Hingis’ own private test has come back negative for coke. What a surprise. I wonder why her own test is negative and both the primary and backup official screenings are both positive for coke? The official tests must have been done by some European socialist government. Never trust the government to do what can be done in private.

Hingis has proved it right here.

Anyway. It will be interesting to watch this play out in the press. Sorry, but I just can’t help but imagine the 3-ring media circus we would be getting right now if one of the Williams sisters had tested positive for cocaine. Then immediately retired while denying the charges and taking ‘private‘ tests that came back negative. The press would march Serena’s ass up the hill to Calvary for the most public crucifixion ever. It’s 6:45pm Eastern time and the paper of record has the story listed in 12 point font at the sixth slot down in the inconspicuous ‘More News’ section.

Unless you have one of those $3500 36 inch LCDs it is definitely ‘beneath the fold’. Hingis is not Amurkan so I am taking that into consideration regarding the underexposure of her cocaine bust story. But for this to be such a non-story can’t only be attributed to her nationality when one also considers how high a profile player she has been and is was. She’s been ranked #1 in women’s tennis at least four separate times. She has ‘retired’ while in the top 20 in the game.

The big question on everyone’s mind is this:

Will her cocaine bust reflect negatively on Andy Roddick? What the fuck am I talking about? The question makes no sense but one must understand that when you’re not white, these are the kinds of questions you must be prepared to deal with. In the world of being white, what one white person gets caught doing has no bearing on the moral character of other whites. As it should be. Problem is that if you’re not in the right club, the white club, you are subject to a different rulebook.

As the world turns…

17 Responses to “Martina Hingis, Former #1 Ranked Tennis Star Gets Caught Using Cocaine. Retires!”

  1. Pot Belge was her drug, not just coke.

    Pot belge = liquid injection of heroin, cocaine, morphine and caffeine.

    Hingis uses steroids, hGH, insulin, EPO and corticosteroids too.

    She is a bald faced liar just like Marion Jones.

  2. Lance Pharmstong is a bigger fraud and doper.

    Nike invented theme to sell $300 senakers.

    Tour de France doping products include—everything that Hingis (and all tennis players use)uses PLUS:

    cow blood (Actovegin)
    blood thinners

    LIVE WRONG! Swoosh.

  3. Good points, Frankie. But as we both know, Lance Armstrong’s doping has been sanctioned by the establishment as well. Marion Jones on the other hand has fallen from Grace quite publicly.

  4. Martina Hingis steroid absue was sanctioned for ten+ years too.

    Ian Thorpe had his Olympic contract cancelled last summer when he too was busted for a high T/E ratio, female fertility hormone choroinic gondatropin and exogenous testsoterone via a IRMS test.

    All the TV athletes featured are on drugs. 100%

    From MLB’s Baroid Bonds, Jason Giambi, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling to NFL’s Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Shawne Merriman, Terry Bradshaw, barrett Robbins, Dana Strubblefield, Bill Romanowski, Andy Reid’s entire family, to David Stern NBA freak show of Ron Artest, Kobe, LeBron & Shaq.

    Just look at Nike’s hall of shame:
    Kobe Bryant (rape)
    Baroid Bonds
    Jason Giambi
    Marion Jones
    CJ Hunter
    Tim Montgomery
    Justin Gatlin
    Regina Jacobs
    Kelli White
    Michelle Collins
    LaTasha Jenkins
    Tiger’s new 35 lbs of muscle mass gained after age 26

  5. Lance Pharmstromng is white:

    As were his USPO teammates who confessed to EPO or were busted via a test. These doping disclosure were very public EXCEPT on USA media–whoi protects advertising client interests (and thier own profit)

    Roid Floyd Landis (exogenous testosterone & T/E)
    Tyler Liar Hamilton (blood transfsuions)
    Benoit Joachim (Deca Durabolin)
    Roberto Heras (EPO)
    Frankie Andreu (EPO confession)
    Stephen Swartz (EPO & steroids confession)
    Manuel Beltran (EPO & Corticoids)
    Pavel Padrnos (arrested in possession of insulin, EPO, hGH, and testosterone)
    Michele Ferrari, MD (convicted of illegal pharmacy)
    Jeff Spencer (caupght on film dumping cow blood, plama bags, IV equipment.160 syringes and insulin)
    Lance (flunked 7 drug tests in July 1999 for EPO and corticosteroids)

    Nike knows doping.

    Tiger is on the sauce now too! Is he black, white or Asian?

    But Tom Brady, Payton Manning, Steve Young and Joe Montana’s steroid abuses have not yet been reported by the white media.

  6. And they won’t be reported by the media. That’s how it works in the US.

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  14. What are you talking about? Just another black man crying poor me poor me and looking for any excuse possible to pit black against white! This story has nothing to do with black vs white, only an affirmitive action loving black man could possibly see it that way. America is not against the black man or hadn’t u noticed who is president these days so get over yourself and stop looking for excuses for why u didn’t get such and such a job or why big mouth Barry was in the headlines everyday. Did u even listen to the nonsense that came out of his mouth on a weekly basis? His own advisors were constantly trying to shut him up and it’s for that reason and that reason alone why good ol Barry found himself above the fold every day!! U really couldn’tuyuu have picked a worse example to make ur point, nobody who knows his or her ass from shynola could possibly give u any credibility after reading that dribble and furthermore if u really want people to give u credibility on any subject loose the F bombs, they do nothing to help enhance ur point. Do yourself a favor and start looking at things as they are instead of quoting liberal talking points, you’ll be so much further ahead I assure you!!


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  16. July 2013 and I did not know about this, and I’m always reading, or, etc. Hings has returned to play doubles and I heard Lyndsay Davenport make a vague reference to her retirement so I had to query the internet. Evidently, this article is right on target. Hings drug use did not make the news. Had it been Serena or Venus, it would have been a crucifixion.

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