The True Cost of Michael Vick

Falcons’ Troubles Pile On, Force Blackout

This will of course be blamed on many different factors. But realistically, the electronic lynching of Michael Vick is the reason that for the first time in many years, the Falcons have been blacked out due to insufficient ticket sales. And this, of course, is only the beginning of the end for the franchise.

So to all the racists in Atlanta, Dekalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Forsyth, Henry, Bibb and all the other places in Georgia: was it worth it to see yet another rich black guy crucified publicly because he refused to kiss white ass??? That’s a rhetorical question.  I know no price is too high for you all when it comes to nailing a black man.  ‘Specially a rich one!  The Falcons are toast, tourism in Atlanta will be hit, the city can’t even get ’em on TV now.  The networks will are losing millions because of the blackouts which are a direct response from the the citizens of Atlanta to the unbearable boredom of a Vick-less Falcons squad.

I’m sure none of this matters to you all cuz hey, you got him!  Well, the bloodletting is just beginning. Let’s give it another year and we’ll revisit this.

7 Responses to “The True Cost of Michael Vick”

  1. Wait, Michael Vick was the football player who was running an illegal dogfighting ring, right?

    I mean, I understand that there is more than enough racism in pro-sports, but damn, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he was an active participant in some pretty mess up stuff.

  2. True, true, Jamelle. But you must be more discerning my brother. Michael Vick was the NFL’s 6 billion dollar man. You must ask yourself, not only was what he doing wrong.

    That’s obvious.

    But would he have gone down? Would we have ever even known about the dog-fighting ring if he was white? Would we even have known about it if he was one of those blacks that would kiss white ass?

    The answer is no.

    I’m troubled by the fact that this kind of common sense is becoming less and less common amongst black folks. Whites generally, but not all, never had it. But increasingly, black folks are having a difficult time telling up from down, left from right, in from out, white from black.

    It’s not about exonerating Vick or defending dogfighting. Although, unless you’re a vegetarian, I don’t know what your problem with dogfighting might logically be. All those apparently complicated nuances aside, Vick was electronically assassinated in the media well before there was any trial or even indictment. In Atlanta, the pigs and the folks they work for were pursuing him. Hemming him up at airports all the time, writing false stories about him just on GP.

    So, first of all, to limit all of this only to the dogfighting is to be dishonest. They were after him for some time now. For anything that might stick. Even if it would only stick for a week or so. If it tarnished his name, it was okay to print.

    Second, and to recap the main point, this doesn’t happen to white stars. Which gets to the heart of all this. When it is mentioned that white stars aren’t so regularly hemmed up by the white media and the cops, it is retorted that ‘maybe they aren’t breaking the law’.

    This is really what all of this is about when you remove all of the BS and window-dressings. The belief that black folks are genetically predisposed to crime and wrong-doing. That is why no one blinks when they crucify even rich black folks in the media. OJ, Tyson, Barry, MJ (both of them), Vick. It’s not about guilt or innocence. Rich folks, whether white or black, do stupid things cuz they are all drunk off their power and money. Who doesn’t know that???

    But the white folks get a pass for their shenanigans while blacks are held accountable. This contradiction goes unchallenged because deep down, white folks think black folks are pre-disposed to crime.

    This belief goes back into our collective history to the days of physical bondage and its justifications. They thought the same things then that they think now.

    That is what the real issue is.

    And I’m pointing out how they’ll go to such great lengths to continually try to prove this. Even if it costs them many, many millions of dollars in revenue from ads not aired due to these blackouts, jersey sales, ticket sales and other things. They are losing big money because of this. Putting the lie to the notion that its all about the money. If it was all about the money they would have let Vick’s vices slide. Just like they do when white money-makers fudge up.

    This is about getting high profile blacks and in the process making all blacks look bad. Psychological manipulation of the general population is what we are seeing here. And they will do it even if it costs them millions, as evidenced by the unfolding losses for the Atlanta Falcons franchise, the city of Atlanta and the networks losing millions in ad revenue that Vick formerly created. This is the true cost of nailing Vick. And he was obviously worth it to them.

  3. I’ll be honest, I don’t keep up with pro sports at all, so if you don’t mind, could you illuminate the other instances when Vick has been “hounded” by the media/white people?

    And as a quick aside on the topic of dog fighting, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to see the abuse of animals as being wrong. I think we have a moral obligation to limit the pain and suffering of animals, even ones we don’t eat. Dogfighting is an obvious violation of that moral obligation.

  4. Dogfighting is an obvious violation of the code you mention. But factory farming is worse. That means not eating pork chops, hamburgers, chicken and other meats grown in that way. And I don’t think the proponents against dogfighting are down with that kind of consistency. Knowhutimean?

    As far as the hounding goes, Vick missed a Congressional breakfast where he was supposed to be kicking off a campaign to lobby for more after-school funding, I think it was. He was supposed to be meeting with lawmakers and the papers ran the story for 3 straight days that he stiffed the Congressional reps. That’s what the headline said. In truth, they knew that he had a connecting flight into DC. And they knew that the initial flight was delayed (not related to Vick) which made him miss the connecting flight. They knew all of this but repeatedly ran with the irresponsible, non-caring line which plays better with the racist crowd.

    Then the marijuana charge that never was. They alluded that he had marijuana in a water bottle that was discovered when he was searched at the airport. Something tells me other multi-million dollar folks aren’t being searched. But that aside, they never actually said it was weed. And they never actually charged him with anything. They just kept alluding to the charge which in the court of public opinion is the same as actually saying it.

    Then, of course, they blame him for the teams personnel problems by bringing up his salary. Not that I think he deserves the obscene amount of money–no athlete does!!–but the double standard is the issue. They don’t blame Peyton Manning for Colts personnel issues. If anything, they blame the front office, not the individual player. Unless its Vick.

    And then came the dogfighting thing and it was over. The media and whites piled on. And as I said, they are hypocrites. If you care about animals, then don’t eat factory farm meat. If people wanna claim they didn’t know that animals were being treated that way, now you do.

    I guarantee the new revelation won’t slow down the barbecues. It has nothing to do with animals. That was just the excuse they used. All the PETA people (99% whites) must be vegans to be consistent. If not, its hypocritical.

    Or are dogs the only animals that fit into the moral paradigm?

  5. As far as the Michael Vick stuff is concerned, I’ll take your word for it; like I said, I don’t know enough about the situation to make an informed comment.

    But, I do agree with you that eating factory farmed meat is a no-no if you take seriously the claim that we have a moral obligation towards animals. But I do think that you can eat meat and still fulfill your obligations towards animals. When it comes to animals we eat – cows, chickens, lambs etc. – then I think we are obligated to limit their suffering.

    Practically, that can mean becoming a vegetarian or vegan, or (as in my case) it means eating free-range meat and organic dairy products.

  6. I can get with that. But you’re kidding yourself if you think the majority of Vick haters fit into this box. They were/are folks that see an opportunity to play out their racist notions of black men. They aren’t vegans or vegetarians. Hell, half of em probably can’t wait until duck and deer hunting seasons to open up!! And they certainly aren’t sincerely enraged over dogfighting. They just used this opportunity provided by the racist system that panders to them.

  7. Dang…I was looking for something else on Google and ran across this…… certainly told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with this particular commentary.
    Personally, I’m still waiting on the many arrests and prosecutions of the dogfighting rings in the states that evidently Vick and his BadNewzKennels folk crossed state lines to engage in this illegal activity with…..still waiting…..and still waiting. I’m also waiting to see when any other pitbulls confiscated in dogfighting busts will get to live a life of luxury off their cruel owner’s dime….so far that hasn’t happened. All the other poor pups just get a shot of pentobarbitol and a pat on the head as they’re led to doggy heaven. yet, not a peep from anybody. Strange…or maybe not so strange at all. Maybe if their owners were Chad Johnson or Vince Young or some other black athlete that white folks hate simply because of their blackness.

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