The Noose: An American Nightmare

CNN will be doing an investigative/historical piece on the history of the noose in the US. I’m disappointed to see that the anchor on this is Kyra Phillips, someone who has demonstrated that she doesn’t have the intellect or the ethical fortitude to handle racial issues. She doesn’t get it. So CNN’s decision to not even have one of their black lackeys cover the story but Phillips. I can’t say I’ll be tuning in for this. This is one of those bound to be a buzzkill type programs. Interesting topic but covered by a network and anchor that can do very little right when it comes to this topic. Discussing the church of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Mormon church, Phillips asks Al Sharpton this harebrained question,

Prior to that date, when blacks were finally considered equals in the church, did you find that church racist? (it is Tubed here)

This is the intellect and disposition selected by CNN to cover the relevance of the noose in the racist US. Not surprising. Just disappointing. The brother over at My Urban Report is reporting that the advance copy of the program is ‘powerful‘. I don’t doubt it. It’s difficult to cover the phenomenon of the noose in the US without that coverage being impacting. But there are different ways to impact your audience. And something tells me that CNN will remain true to form and be sure not to offend white audiences with inconvenient truths about today’s society. For we all know that whites excel when it comes to recounting problems of the past and disconnecting those problems from the present. White media is good at that. And that is most likely the CNN product forthcoming in their noose special.

2 Responses to “The Noose: An American Nightmare”

  1. I watched the special and I was just disappointed that the show did well in recounting the horrid stories backed by images but just like I expected, CNN not only provided a racist radio guy air time to propagate more hate, they also didnt make clear what side they were on. I weep for America!

  2. They are reporters. They aren’t on either side.

    Unless there is a patriotic angle, in which case, they will definitely make the white decision and stand with Amurka. The defense of black lives has never fallen into the category of patriotism so CNN and other white press need not take a strong stand on the side of its preservation or memorial.

    And I can imagine they brought the racist guy in to go full circle in their psychological neurosis. Probably telling themselves that this guy is racist and by giving him air time, people will see him as the bad guy and us as the good guys without us actually having to take an overtly adversarial position to the racists.

    They would never do the same thing if the documentary was about the Black Panthers or about Al-Qaeda. They would let their white viewing audience know exactly which side they were on. Thanks for commenting.

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