Mainstream Press Continues Censorship of Ron Paul


The New York Times is currently paying, from a front page link, a  drooling tribute to candidate Paul entitled, The Good Doctor.  The Times and the rest of the corporate press always play the public.  It has not deviated in this case.  Ron Paul supporters claim that his candidacy is ignored by the media.  And they are right that is isn’t given nearly the level or character of attention the Clinton/Obama campaigns receive.  But it isn’t ignored either, as we see by the glowing NYTimes write up.

Ron Paul, of course, hasn’t been getting the kind of endorsement from the press that Clinton, Obama, Guiliani, Romney or Edwards have gotten but this makes perfect sense if you understand the system.  The corporate press, ABCNNBCBS and FOX exist as organizing tools.  They organize thought.  They are currently in the middle of a huge organizing campaign.  They are organizing the country electorally around Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.  This  is obvious because the same people that support and own the corporate press are the same people support and own Clinton and Obama. They have organized public thought around those two candidates, as is the press’ purpose.  The goal of the press is to psychologically orient the electorate around Clinton/Obama.  The relationship between these Clinton/Obama and the press is pre-arranged and controlled.  The relationship between Ron Paul and the press is pre-arranged and controlled as well.  And like the Clinton/Obama arrangement it to is to orient the electorate around Paul.  But in his case only a specific sector of the electorate.  And in the case of Ron Paul’s campaign, the corporate press’ organizing effort is not for the ’08 election but future cycles.

This censorship, this fake censorship of Ron Paul’s campaign, is a key organizing tool for building the Ron Paul ‘movement‘.  A well-balanced charade between scant coverage and then reluctant praise.  The purpose of the media’s Pavlovian manipulation is to make the white guys that are the Ron Paul supporters, continue to feel like outsiders to the electoral process and consequently energize them into rebellion to the system trying to suppress their effort.  The media is creating Ron Paul activists.  The routine of scant coverage and then reluctant praise gives Paul continued credibility as an outsider with his marks, white males.  These white males are unfamiliar with the role of outsider.  The elite are using reverse psychology white privilege to run Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

Reverse Psychology White Privilege: How It Is Working 

White guys are used to being the main attraction.  They would never say that, because it is a condition, being the main attraction I mean, that is normal.  It’s not an event.  It’s part of the fabric of their normal life.  Thus it is invisible.  Therefore when white males (specifically middle class white males) in this country aren’t the main attraction or feel shunned, and thus normal life is upended, it becomes painfully obvious to them.  Unlike when they were the main attraction, which was an invisible condition.   As many groups throughout the history of this country have, and to this day continue to, worked as veritable outsiders to the establishment towards various struggles,  white guys see themselves as an oppressed minority when perceived to be shunned.

Ron Paul isn’t receiving big bucks from the board of Exxon-Mobil but he is receiving money by the bucket from angry corporate white guys working in corporate cubicles across this country.  For to be white in this country is largely to be corporate.  Corporations are the mainstream.  Being white is normal, is mainstream in this country.  White and corporate psychology are to a large degree synonyms.  This may seem like a stretch to some.  It will read as ludicrous to the white guys who love Ron Paul that will inevitably gravitate to this from this or that Ron Paul forum link or search engine return.  But the white mentality in this country is by and large, the same as the corporate mentality in this country.  And this makes sense being that the corporate world is disproportionately white.  And of course.  This makes all the difference in how a movement forms, what its political candidates look like and how well the movement is funded.  So while Ron Paul may seem anti-corporate and anti-imperialism he isn’t.

Tomorrow I will look at how Ron Paul has fooled his movement and how they, in turn, endeavor to fool others as to what Paul actually represents.  More importantly, I will also examine the larger purpose of the establishment organized Ron Paul movement.

8 Responses to “Mainstream Press Continues Censorship of Ron Paul”

  1. I’m sorry but this is basically drivel. Noone is fooling anyone into thinking anything. I do agree with your point on “corporate” as currently being equated to “white” but that’s about the only thing I can see as correct in your article and even that might seem offensive to African Americans. The rest of what you said is incorrect and somewhat irrational IMHO.

  2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I won’t be deleting any from this thread. You might think about offering explanations for your opinion as I have done. Or others may say to you as you have to me ‘I disagree; it doesn’t make sense’ without of course providing a single rationale for your opinion.

    An easy but intellectually empty gesture.

    And if you truly believe, as you write, that no one is tricking anyone into anything, then you probably won’t agree with or understand anything I and many others have to say and write about US politics. Ron Paul isn’t Satan. He has made some admirable statements and votes. But to think he doesn’t engage in political manipulation like some other politicians is hopelessly naive. Humor yourself by going to this youtube video where at 2:25 Ron Paul is asked how he manages to get re-elected in his Texas district without voting for farm subsidies. He first explains that he is ‘upfront’ with his constituents. Then in the next moment he explains how he manipulates his constituents, and I quote,

    “I play on their true beliefs. You know property rights, inheritance taxes, eh, federal regulators coming on their property. They say ‘aah, that’s right’ (as he imitates a nodding constituent who then ‘gets it’). Second Amendment, you know, Texas farmer.”

    At which point, the men sitting around the table smile with him, understanding how he does it and agreeing that it is effective.

    It happens quickly and is easy to overlook as unimportant crosstalk if you’re not paying attention. And it isn’t amazing or anything. This is how almost every politician garners support. Creating illusions where necessary. So this isn’t personal to Ron Paul. He is just another tool of the establishment, albeit a much more complex one than your typical Republican or Democrat.

    The video is just a small example of what should be obvious. The point of the post is that Ron Paul’s movement is hardly a coalition representing this country. It’s 90% white guys. Which should make anyone ask a question as there is not a single instance in US history of white men being on the leading edge of progressive change. So one must ask, what is really happening inside the almost all white and almost all male Ron Paul revolution?

  3. In my local Ron Paul Meetup group, there are just as many women as there are men (and not all spouses).
    The group is varied — very rich, very poor, & middle-class; high school aged, middle-aged, & senior citizen.
    There is one common thread, though…They are all more informed than the average citizen about world/ current events. Also, some of them are not even on the internet at all…They just heard about the group through friends.

  4. black bg, white text = bad.

  5. John Howard Says:

    What is missing in this blog is any reason to believe such nonsense. No evidense is offered, just “inside” knowledge of the big conspiracy which is tricking all those white males.

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul supporters come in all colors and genders and tend to be some of the most independant thinkers around. Journalists, on the other hand tend to be hairdos looking for attention. The theory that a bunch of government-licensed and corporate-funded hairdos are manipulating the radical thinkers who support Ron Paul is laughable. But I imagine it was fun making it up.

    And I agree that white text on a black background is another bad idea.

  6. I didn’t think Ron Paul supporters would approve of any of this. Which is what all of you have basically said.

    Any rebuttals of substance?

  7. John Howard,
    Ron Paul supporters do not come in all colors. This is a lie that I’m sure even you don’t believe. Tokenism isn’t evidence that Ron Paul has significant support from all ethnic groups. When the Republican Party is referred to as the party of the white male it is not said to mean only white males vote Republican but that they disproportionately guide the party.

    Even more so with Ron Paul.

    So do you or do you not believe the mainstream media. First they are hiding the Ron Paul campaign, even though it is on the pages of the New York Times. Then you reference the mainstream media as proof that they are ignoring the campaign. Do you believe them or not?

    Ron Paul is clearly a play. What other candidate can bring conservative Democrats, moderate Republicans and Stormfronters together and have everyone thinking they are getting what they want with only a minor concession? This is getting more interesting every week.

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