Ron Paul and Race

I don’t know how Ron Paul feels about black people.

I do know that Ron Paul released a newsletter that printed some very racist and inflammatory comments.
I do know that Ron Paul opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
I do know that Ron Paul opposes Affirmative Action.
I do know that Ron Paul, as do all right wing Libertarians, supports eradication of most gov’t social programs that provide a limited safety net to the poor and people of color in the U.S.

I don’t know how Ron Paul personally feels about black people or ethnic minorities generally. The important thing is that it doesn’t matter, really, what Ron Paul personally feels because he supports an agenda that is hostile to these groups. And about that, I don’t have to guess. He proves it year after year in the US Congress. Dr. Paul has proved it with the totality of his life. Dr. Paul has, for the most part, proved consistent in his right wing Libertarian beliefs. Some people give him kudos for this as most politicians are quite duplicitous and blow in whatever direction the campaign contribution winds take them. However, I can offer Dr. Paul no congratulations for consistent support for policies that have proved to harm the most vulnerable while giving an unneeded helping hand to the most powerful. All under the intellectual guise of enhancing and protecting liberty. The same thing most nuanced right wing Libertarians do. I say nuanced because many right wing Libertarians understand that Africans and other people of color will never vote for them and thus don’t concern themselves with rationals for policy positions perceived as racist. They don’t care. Understanding that their target group isn’t people of color nor is it people concerned about people of color, they dispense with any reasoning for things like opposition to the Civil Rights Act. Nuanced RWLs, however, hope to attract moderate to conservative Democrats (who at the very least, feign concern with people of color) and to convince them there must at least be some rationale for that kind of policy. Even if weak. Understanding Ron Paul and race begs a question. If a person or group of people advocate(s) policies that prove consistently to be detrimental to a racial or ethnic group does it matter how that person or group of people personally feel about race if the consequences of his policy actions have race-based consequences?

I don’t think so.

Interesting Ron Paul Support

Politicians, too often with entangling alliances, can hardly be trusted to do the good things they say they will do. No less tell the truth about the bad they have already done. One way that I have found to be somewhat reliable in predicting the future behavior of a political figure is to analyze the individuals supporting him/her. In the case of Ron Paul and race, it is interesting. Ron Paul, like any politician that wants to get elected these days, claims to not be racist. While I have argued that this claim, true or false is largely irrelevant, what are we to do when unabashed racists with overtly racist agendas, support a Ron Paul.

Stormfront is a white pride internet forum with the slogan, ‘White Pride World Wide’. Any internet political veterans reading this know full well who and what they are. Stormfronters are proud bigots. Some Ron Paul supporters will be surprised to discover that their Ron Paul Revolution holds the distinction of being in the company of David Duke, David Irving and other interesting figures supported by the Stormfront community. Why would a person on Stormfront support a non-racist like Ron Paul? Let’s take a look. Scotsman4096 has this to say to Stormfronters with the audacity to claim that Ron Paul is not the real deal,

If anyone expects better than this from the current crop of political candidates who stand a shot at winning, then that person is dreaming, and quite honestly acting as BAGGAGE to the WN movement, because they’re stalling our progress. Is Ron WN? Who knows – his policies help us, and we need action on our issues NOW, not in 2040 when we’re trying to retake California with tanks.

Brandon, who’s username signature is ‘Our skin is our uniform‘, isn’t convinced,

Ron Paul’s priority is not 100% the survival of the white race, so he is an enemy and a burden just as much as any jew.

Bob Whitaker tries to give Brandon some perspective regarding Dr. Paul’s priorities,

Ron Paul is the last chance the white race has for just 10% of its survival, much less America. He is not your enemy you psycho.
And how do you know that’s not his priority? Remember: the game is rigged. Paul can’t come out swinging.

These are a few snippets of page #1 of currently over 600 pages (and counting) of intensely interested and optimistic discussion regarding their hopes for Dr. Paul’s candidacy. And to be certain that this isn’t some misguided (but ultimately innocent) Ron Pauler that wandered into a racist community on the whole hostile to Ron Paul’s candidacy, if you notice the bottom of the page the Stormfront website actually runs Ron Paul fundraising ads. Stormfront, an advocacy group for white supremacy that supports David Duke, supports the Ron Paul candidacy for president of the United States.

While I’m not surprised to read the racist support of the RP rEVOLution something tells me the average Democrat convert isn’t aware or doesn’t want to admit the true nature of the Ron Paul movement. While ignorant in regards to humanity. Stormfronters are very politically astute and are quite capable of analyzing who is and who is not, as they term it, on the side of the white race. If understanding of fundamental RWL public policy initiatives isn’t evidence enough, Stormfront support for the Ron Paul movement should stand as proof positive that Ron Paul, while certainly not public enemy #1, is unmistakably, not an ally to people of color and our supporters.

24 Responses to “Ron Paul and Race”

  1. You’re not too sharp, are you?

  2. Clearly not. No sense of history, no common sense. And if you can’t find anything legitimately wrong with a candidate or his decades in office, start bashing him for some racists scumbags who happen to support him. Pathetic.

  3. They call Dr. Paul names because that’s what children do when they can’t win a fight. None of these sites can find anything positive to say about who they are supporting so they spend all their time name calling the only person that does have support in middle America.

  4. What I read here, underneath what I read here, is a person who still does not believe in themself or believe in their ethnic peers.

    Which would you prefer… a continuation of safety nets that are racially targeted or the full and complete respect and dignity free of racial discrimination that Ron Paul is offering you?

    You cannot have both!

    As far as I’m concerned Ron Paul stands to finish what Dr. King started. I believe Dr. King was assassinated because he went in the direction Dr. Paul wants the racist discrimination to end.

    Those who backed Dr. King, and who felt betrayed by him, disposed of him because what they wanted was for racial tensions and discriminations to increase, not be resolved.

  5. This whole article is ridiculous. There will be white pride and black pride groups alike. Everyone wants someone who is on the side of their race…especially blacks and a few whites who get that idea from the blacks.

    Many blacks, asians, and other minorities support Ron Paul. With YOUR line of reasoning he therefore must be dangerous to whites? I don’t think so…

    Fact is, Ron would be best for all races and people…and he’s got MY VOTE.

  6. I’m not going to go the name-calling route here. What I see is a person looking for a candidate to pander to them. They want a President that promises to give them a piece of the pie.

    It is best that they look elsewhere. Ron Paul is not going to give you anything other than freedom and individual responsibility. And that means not giving anything to the neo-nazis, minorities, or anyone else for that matter.

    In short, this author is looking for a socialist and no one should be surprised that they find Ron Paul’s decidedly anti-socialism and anti-collectivist policies unfavorable.

    Many collectivist groups SAY they want to be treated equal, yet they look for special treatment. If you truly wanted to be ‘equal’ it would mean taking all the good with the bad. When you act equal by throwing off the collectivist shackles, you might find yourself being treated as an equal.

    If you can’t understand this point, then by all means, vote for the one pandering to YOUR group.

  7. When I look at someone, I do not see a black person. I see a person. The ‘black’ part is what divides us. Anyone, including the minorities themselves that attaches that label to ‘person’ is focusing on the differences.

    You are equal when you see yourself as equal. You cannot focus on your differences and expect others not to notice them. Your entire life does not center around being a member of a race. You can’t even be ‘proud’ to be a member of a race; you had no hand in it.

    If you must define yourself as a black person, that is all people are going to see: a black person.

  8. On television at the PBS Orlando debate for African-Americans, Ron Paul promised to repeal the entire federal war on drugs that imprisoned and arrested 320,000 African-Americans in 2005 alone over non-violent drug offenses. This modern incarnation of the Jim Crow laws ruins families, takes away voting rights, fills prisons, drains the Treasury and lures yet even larger numbers of minorities into the lucrative prohibition drug trade each passing year.

    Ron Paul promised in the Detroit Free Press to end mandatory minimums, to pardon all the non-violent drug offenders, and free them from jail. This would emancipate more African-Americans from bondage in an 8 year Ron Paul Presidency than even Abraham Lincoln was able to do with the Proclamation.

    Clearly, millions of African-Americans, Hispanics and stoners will be at large, with their voting rights restored, in a Ron Paul Presidency. With Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, and Romney, et al, this mass incarceration of African-Americans and minorities would continue.

    Clearly it would be advantageous for David Duke and/or Stormfront to support any candidate other than Ron Paul if they expected a racist agenda from a Presidential candidate. In fact, Rudolph Giuliani as Mayor had 280,000 people arrested in 8 years for marijuana-related offenses, 78% were Hispanic and African-American. Remember ” Giuliani Time “? Those who want a racist agenda will support these authoritarian strongmen who have a track record of actually hurting minorities.

    Marc Emery
    Cannabis Culture Magazine

  9. I appreciate the analysis. At first glance it seems like you are bashing Dr. Paul since I did not see how you are bringing together the two ideas you presented in your post. Upon closer inspection I think I got the gist. Let me see… The first part of your post is about trusting that Dr Paul’s will make good on his policies by comparing his record of honesty. The second part is about analyzing politicians based on the “individuals supporting him/her.” Your conclusion is that Dr Paul is “not an ally to people of color and our supporters.” I suppose if you support forcing people to like one another and just get along then this is certainly bad news. However, the real question that you should concern yourself with is: Does not libertarian ideas (RWL as you put it) encourage communities to heal their divides by having members of those communities voluntarily set aside their differences instead of being forced to integrate as the barrel of a gun? Essentially, the civil rights act and the civil rights movement during the 60s was supposed to improve the lives of people of color, instead things have only gotten worse. Should you or anyone else want to continue such failed policy ideas? Heaven forbid, sir.

  10. Timur Rozenfeld Says:

    It’s hard for me to add to these excellent comments but let me point out a few things:

    The very fact that right wing is included in the same sentence as libertarian shows that the writer of this blog doesn’t understand the difference between libertarians and conservatives. Libertarians believe in freedom in both the social and economic fronts. Right wing conservatives believe in freedom in the economic front only and coercion in the social arena. This is the general distinction and of course there are people who combine both.

    Also, it seems that time and time again, Ron Paul is being attacked because some nuts support him. Well, I can find nuts supporting any candidate. But in the case of Ron Paul, we have a double standard. Because he shows integrity, he must be infallible and everyone who supports him must agree with him on all issues. Meanwhile, the other candidates are still “electable” because you agree with much of what they say if not everything they espouse.

    But that’s ok, because they are politicians and are expected to make compromises with their principles. But Ron Paul is required to fit a higher standard and failing to meet this impossible standard, he is disqualified as a worthwhile candidate. He is damned for his integrity. This applies to the libertarians who complain about his opinion on this and that and turn down their closest chance at freedom within their lifetimes.

    Returning to the issue of race, let me add that he is the only candidate on both sides who will end the war and save countless African American lives. He is the only one who wants to put money back into the pocket of people which would help thousands of poor African Americans.

    As for affirmative action, he opposes it because it is just as unconstitutional and immoral as affirmative action was when it was geared toward whites. Having the government discriminate against white people is simply repeating the errors of the past. People are people, not white or black and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we realize that there are no conflicts among rational people.

    The safety nets that the government provides are caused by the government debasing the currency and taking money from the people in the first place. Then to correct their error, they provide a “safety net” which becomes a rope around the people the government is saving. They and their descendents are now dependent on the government for providing them with everything as though the government were their parents. Is treating African Americans like children what you support? Or would you prefer they become independent, own businesses and prosper? Because it seems from your blog that you would rather that African Americans continue to fight and die, continue to be poor and stay on welfare and for their to be continual racial hatred by continously separating man from man by the color of their skin.

    If this is not the case, please rethink your premises and understand that Ron Paul is the best candidate to improve the condition of African Americans.

  11. “The true antidote to racism is liberty. Liberty means having a limited, constitutional government devoted to the protection of individual rights rather than group claims. Liberty means free-market capitalism, which rewards individual achievement and competence, not skin color, gender, or ethnicity. In a free market, businesses that discriminate lose customers, goodwill, and valuable employees – while rational businesses flourish by choosing the most qualified employees and selling to all willing buyers. More importantly, in a free society every citizen gains a sense of himself as an individual, rather than developing a group or victim mentality. This leads to a sense of individual responsibility and personal pride, making skin color irrelevant. Rather than looking to government to correct what is essentially a sin of the heart, we should understand that reducing racism requires a shift from group thinking to an emphasis on individualism.”

    -Ron Paul

  12. I came here to read because I read a comment about Ron Paul and the 1965 civil rights act… now on this page I read it’s from 1965… are this blogger’s aims and faculty as wishy-washy as this mixup? Probably yes.

    Lovely to read something from Marc Emery, the guy who sold pot seeds to the US and thought he wouldn’t be caught, when even people at the UN are helping the US in this case… I can’t say that Emery would be in trouoble if he hadn’t threatened to SNITCH on people, besides ripping them off countless times… ah, Karma!

    Badmedia’s comment sews it all up, and puts a designer label on the suit.

  13. The insularity of the typical Ron Paul supporter is made very clear when you guys respond to any critique of him. You greet someone like myself with name-calling and general berating. I bring this up only to say that your isolation, perhaps ethnic and maybe more, allows you to tell yourself the lie that a person like me is an anomaly. That a person like myself isn’t representative of other blacks or people of color generally. If you all were wiser, and very few of you illustrate that you are, you would stop for a second and ask yourself if maybe there are perspectives I know nothing about.

    That is, apparently too tall a task. And instead you embarrass yourselves by vomiting all over the comment thread, your insults and general filth. Clearly identifying the Ron Paul support demographic by your, almost unanimous, hostility towards a critique from a person of color. Maybe some of you are official white nationalist, neo-nazis or Stormfronters (or all at once) or maybe you all are just ‘regular’ Ron Paul supporters. I don’t know but I do know that beyond any post I could possibly make, you all’s comments stand as the most powerful indictment of Ron Paul’s candidacy. In the past, I’ve voted for candidates with whom I did not agree with all of their platform and/or supporters. Sometimes in major ways. Never in my life, however, have I encountered such a vitriolic bunch as I have in the Ron Paul fan base.

    This, like everything else I’ve written will probably mean nothing to the hardcore RP supporter but others who visit here who are perhaps too timid to join in, will likely see you all’s comments and actually consider what bunch they are allying themselves with.

    I do hope so.

  14. This article is a waste of time. Where has this person been for the last six months?

    Paul has a high degree of love and care for everyone. In fact Ron Paul has the highest support among black voters within the gop.

    do your homework and spread the truth

  15. Yes, Great post! That Ron Paul Nazi sympathizer has got to go. What in the hell does he think he is doing? The wars MUST go on forever. Wars are the health of the state and good for the economy. Who cares that US occupations cost tax payers a trillion dollars a year. Americans are just going to have to make sacrifices and give up all of our rights if we are to remain free. We can NEVER sleep as long as there is even one islamofacist diaperhead still alive. Kill’em all! Let’s turn the entire middle east into nothing but a sheet of glass. Get this, Paul actually wants to shrink the size of government. Ha ha ha! The bigger the better I say. Ron Paul is so out of touch with reality. Imagine, he wants to abolish the Fed to bring back sound money. A greatly devalued dollar makes products cheaper here at home, only imports will cost more. So what if all of the USA’s manufacturing has all been exported overseas. We still have lots of domestic products we can still buy, right? Electing Ron Paul is just a bad idea all the way around. I mean, for crying out loud, he is not even a CFR member. Only CFR member are allowed do be US presidents (don’t you idiots know anything?). So vote for any other candidate EXCEPT Ron Paul, our new president MUST have the right credentials. Get this, Ron Paul is only supported by little people (useless eaters) and won’t even take contributions from special interests. If Ron Paul ever hopes to get elected he had better open up the coffers to the industrialized military complex and special interest groups. Lastly, do whatever you have to do to keep this constitutional whacko from getting any more popular than he is. As our hero G.W. Bush has said, “Stop throwing the constitution in my face, it’s nothing but a goddamn piece of paper.” Now, we know that we cannot smear Ron Paul himself (too clean for that), so let’s go after his supporters and paint them all as white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and conspiracy theorists. Again, congratulations on the great Ron Paul smear job. Keep up the wonderful work. If we continue to all work hard together, we can stop freedom, liberty and prosperity dead in its tracks. Death to the USA! Up with the NWO!

  16. That was ghostwritten……..

    Goddamn it, do your research.

  17. Timur Rozenfeld Says:

    You say: “The insularity of the typical Ron Paul supporter is made very clear when you guys respond to any critique of him.”

    This argument implies that if we say anything in his favor, we are insulated from the world. Therefore, we are not allowed to say anything in his favor.

    You say: “…That is, apparently too tall a task. And instead you embarrass yourselves by vomiting all over the comment thread, your insults and general filth. Clearly identifying the Ron Paul support demographic by your, almost unanimous, hostility towards a critique from a person of color. Maybe some of you are official white nationalist, neo-nazis or Stormfronters (or all at once) or maybe you all are just ‘regular’ Ron Paul supporters. ”

    My wife is a woman of color so unless you are going to call her a traitor to her race, she DOES understand what it is like to be discriminated against and she has felt the pangs of racism. Yet she says that she hasn’t felt this way about a candidate since Robert Kennedy.

  18. John Howard Says:

    Here is the basic flaw in this article.

    “…he supports an agenda that is hostile to these groups.”

    Hostility means to promote harm. It is not a harm to someone if you stop helping him to force himself on someone else. It is not a harm to me if you stop forcing racists to accept me. They do not harm me by avoiding me.

    Making sure that government treats everyone equally is important and Ron Paul supports that fully and has said so often. But using government to force some individuals to accept or aid others they do not like is guaranteed to cause more hostitlty, not less.

    That is what the civil rights act did. After decades of government mandating discrimination, they “fixed” the problem by mandating integration. But the secret to justice and peace is to stop mandating human relationships and seek a voluntary society.

    Racism in and of itself is not harmful, just stupid. Making it illegal actually encourages more of it (blowback) – just as occupying other countries to fight terrorism actually encourages more terrorism.

    And the notion that Ron Paul supporters are more rude than anyone else is just dishonest. They are merely more numerous – which is annoying to the oppostion. And there are good reasons why there are so many of them, of all races and economic classes.

  19. AfricanAmericans4Paul Says:

    I don’t need a white man (or black, or yellow, or red, or brown) to guarantee my success or to guard me against failure. I can stand on my own two feet. A system that robs me of 50% of my wealth, the moment I start to pull away from the herd, is not my friend. That so many of my brothers seem to have accepted this neo-plantation mindset is a mark of shame against my people.

    That Ron Paul opposes the system that robs me and my neighbors, and which holds my brothers in bondage, in an invisible prison of fear, suspicion, and insecurity, does not distinguish him as an enemy of either my people or myself. That you seem to believe otherwise marks you either a fool or a tool.

    Ron Paul was responsible for for the publication of some comments that are generally considered unflattering toward my race. Does that make him a “racist”? Does it mean he hates my race? I don’t pretend to know the man’s heart, but I do know that Bill Cosby has said things that are much harsher, and I don’t believe that Dr. Cosby hates black people. What I do know, though, is this: Ron Paul has never taken a public act that represents anything less than loosening the shackles of ALL people (red, yellow, black, AND white).

    Why do some white racists support him? Why do they hate Mexicans and Jews? Does protecting US borders hurt Mexicans? Does withholding foreign aid hurt Israel? To the extent that some white racists support him, I believe it is his border and foreign policies which attracts them. It is the doctrine that my enemy’s enemy is my friend (the same doctrine that’s been driving much of US foreign policy). However, I don’t believe that racial animosity drives Dr. Paul’s border and foreign policy proposals. In fact, I’ve heard plenty of advocates of global aggression use the words sand-niggers, rag-heads, dune coons, and the like to describe our supposed enemies; does this mean that Mr. Bush’s foreign policy is motivated by racism?

    I have recently visited some racist discussion boards, to find out for myself why some of them support Dr. Paul, and there is no hard uniformity in that support. Many of these racists oppose him, because he isn’t one of them. Many of them rationalize their support by saying that his strict Constitutionalism will prevent them from being “targeted by the feds” in the future (a la Ruby Ridge and Waco?). Some of them express support for Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, and Giuliani (whose overt fascism makes him more of their natural ally, if you ask me). Should that expressed support for these other candidates cast suspicion on them as well? Could there be reasons aside from racism that such people support a candidate (proposed abolition of income taxes probably has universal appeal…I hope)? Could there be reasons other than that flimsy charge that you oppose him?

  20. marcg 11.23.07 / 9am

    After reading your post, all I can say is:

    There goes ANY chance of a rational and reasonable discussion. You didn’t intend to have one of those, though did you? You just wanted to call us all racists (without even knowing the color of the people you are talking to.)

    Later, fool.

  21. You know what? I’m not going to argue with you. I’m going to let Dr. Paul speak for himself, in his own words.

    “The political left argues that stringent federal laws are needed to combat racism, even as they advocate incredibly divisive collectivist policies.

    Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called “diversity” actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist.

    The true antidote to racism is liberty. Liberty means having a limited, constitutional government devoted to the protection of individual rights rather than group claims. Liberty means free-market capitalism, which rewards individual achievement and competence, not skin color, gender, or ethnicity.”

    This is a quote from a newsletter he wrote on April 16 of this year. If you’d care to read the rest, follow the link attached to this post. I’ll await your response.

  22. Yummy, Ron Paul IS in your poll I see. And for good reason, unfortunately.

  23. jack Sigil Says:

    You Libertarians are all afroracists just like the establishment. You dont fool anybody.
    You sawllow all the TV and movie brainwashing and consider yourself upstanding…Of course you are monkies dancing to tunes played by Marxist and afroracist organ grinders.
    You phoney cretins.
    You even have the arrogance of rthe left, I can see all you scum huddled up self congratulating each other for not being racist.
    Actually you are cowards. You are afraid to look at, much less confront, the black racism that is taking over America,
    You cannot be counted on or trusted.
    You have wasted your lives running from reality.

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