US Auto Industry Terrified By The Nano

Under the guise of ecological disaster, the auto industries news outlets are creating a good deal of negative buzz to counter the announcement of India’s Tata auto manufacturer of their new low cost product, the Nano.  It is slated to hit the roads this year at the low price point of $2500.  The manufacturer, Tata, is the same company trying to purchase LandRover and Jaguar right now.  Clearly making big moves, US and European industry aren’t pulling any punches as they attempt to cool global reception or at least Western middle and upper class reception to the Asian automaker’s moves.  The Washington Post isn’t being shy in letting us know the implications of this new low cost car, headlining ‘It Could Mean Global Disaster’.  Not stopping with the excited headline, inside the story,

If millions of Indians and Chinese get to have their own cars, the planet is doomed. Suddenly, the cute little Nano starts to look a lot less winning.

First customer service, now this.  Those damned Asians.  They won’t stop until they destroy the planet.   One wouldn’t know from all the ads for gas guzzlers found within the Post that they were so concerned about auto exhaust causing climate change.  Glad they’re on our side.

The attempt to extort the Tata and Indian industry generally is an even nastier story.  For a look at 21st century racism, search “Tata, Landrover” and read how the West is not ready to buy LandRovers and Jags from Indians or how The Orient Express won’t let Indians in their business either, concerned about how they would detrimentally affect image.  I wonder what the papers are suggesting Americans think the Indian executives are going to do?  Smear hummus in the Jag engines?  More likely, they are hoping to up the ante and use the negative press across the board to extort more money out of Indian companies generally while doing what the white establishment has done best for the past few centuries, stoke racism.

If Indian industry is so shoddy as to not deserve to have these white brands, how did Indian companies financially position themselves to buy them to begin with?  Excuse me for asking.

2 Responses to “US Auto Industry Terrified By The Nano”

  1. I guess we have enough booming middle class in India to let the Nano win… Racism faces India under several heads, cricket, cars and the list will go on…the mantra is whites always win, unless we let you…How puerile!

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