FDA Has Approved Cloned Meat ; The Sky REALLY IS Falling

FDA Says Cloned Animals Safe To Munch On

On Tuesday January 15, 2008, the Food and Drug Administration approved of cloned animals for human consumption.  Why are they doing this? According to the Food and Drug Administration cloned animals are as safe to eat as naturally conceived animals. The corporate controlled Feds official statement,

The food in every respect is indistinguishable from food from any other animal. It is beyond our imagination to even find a theory that would cause the food to be unsafe.

I don’t see a percent of the stuff that I’m sure comes across the desks of the FDA and I can imagine how cloned food might not be safe. I probably couldn’t prove it without a lot more expertise and information but I can certainly imagine. Too bad the folks we’ve tasked to safeguard the food supply of the country cannot even imagine a theoretical problem that might creep from cloned food. The outrage from certain communities is predictable and completely in order.

The same problem presents itself, however. Arm-waving aside, in the absence of a serious mass movement there is very little that can be done by regular folks to stop the corporate juggernaut controlling the FDA and the gov’t generally. The organic and natural foods people will remain up in arms about this just as they have been up in arms about the ongoing rollback on organic certification standards and just like they’ve been up in arms for decades about the pus the country drinks from the infected udders of cows on enough dope to give even Lance Armstrong a slight buzz. But none of this has really mattered and the response to this most recent cloning outrage won’t matter either without a united front. And if anyone has witnessed a protest by the organic foods/PETA crowd (it is the same people for the most part) then you know that the sounds emanating from these groups are not the rumbling of mass movement but disappointing white noise.

But this cloning conspiracy, dismal public reaction aside, will probably be remembered as a definite landmark on our collective journey to hell. It starts with identical cloning. But of course it won’t stay there. Adjustments will be made that make the animals more profitable in various ways. Capitalism always finds ways to save money, no matter the actual costs. There will be some kind of health scare or economic scare that the industry will rescue us from with this or that genetic alteration. Disease resistance to ensure herds aren’t wiped out or something like that. Then we’ll get used to safety alterations being performed. And there you have it, genetically engineered animals being digested by billions. At some point, we’ll discover this or that genetic modification may cause infertility. After, of course, said discovery has been suppressed for eleven years. Perhaps culminating in a Children of Men type scenario where women can’t get pregnant anymore. Or maybe some kind of superflu will be spawned from a decade of billions eating enhanced bacterial-resistant organisms. Who fucking knows.. But I can certainly imagine some bad deals going down. Too bad for us the FDA can’t.

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