News of the Weird

Corporate news headlines are predictably staid, sometimes silly, always lies and bullshit. But today’s headlines deserve special note.

  • The Financial Times informs its readers that a ‘rogue’ trader at French ponzi bank, Societe Generale costs the company 7 billion plus in behind the scenes ‘rogue’ trading. Supposedly, says the bank and the FT, no one at the French bank knew about the billions in losses except the rogue trader.
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution demands its readers suspend disbelief while Rambo endorses McCain. Oh. And by the way, Rambo comes out today in theaters and McCain was once a POW. Obviously coincidences.
  • Black people can’t get cabs in New York, Arabs can’t catch planes but the school that chooses the Nobel Prize in medicine, the famous Karolinska Institute, after turning away thousands, admits Nazis to study to become doctors? Karl Helge Hampus Svensson went to prison 8 years ago for killing someone in a hate crime but had no problem getting around a background check to enter perhaps the most prestigious med school in the world. Refusing to kick Svensson out on the grounds of being a racist murderer, the school claims he was expelled for falsifying his name on a high school transcript.

While the US financial system teeters on the brink of collapse, this is what the country is presented with as news.

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