Montel Williams Has A Fox News Surprise Party

This is just great. A good example of a few things. First off, Montel is making a lot of noise about a good thing but we shouldn’t confuse him with an anti-war protester. He has NOT utilized the many opportunities that he has had to discuss the war and has chosen to make money instead, just like the folks he has chosen to criticize in this particular appearance. So, as he does state once, he is a big part of the problem as well. But look at how the hosts handle him, or don’t handle him, to be precise.

They are initially shocked that he would bring up the war and then you can tell they think it will all go away if they deflect him so they try that a few times. Then it sinks in that he isn’t going to stop and that, determined, he is just as adept as they are at controlling the conversation, they begin asking him questions, attempting to put him on the hot seat.

It’s a circus.

They try and maintain some decorum but reveal their true colors. They are whores doing what they are told for a paycheck. And since most of them don’t know a thing about much anything in particular, they are closer to the profession than you think. They look pretty for the camera and read scripts written by people not pretty enough to be on that side of the camera. The writers and the models, together, put a pretty face on the ugly corporate monster that cuts their checks. The same corporate monster that owns the politicians that manage the war is the same corporate monster that wants you and me to spend our time smiling and thinking and talking about Heath Ledger everyday.

It’s called mind control and this train wreck is what it would look like all of the time if anyone attempted to inject the sanity of reality into it the machine.

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