Condi Rice: Liar Extraordinaire

To be named liar extraordinare is no small award if you exist in this time and have a job in the US government. Condoleeza Rice passes the test. Faceoff between her and Congressman Wexler from Florida. It’s not as nasty as some are claiming it is. I think it’s more a case of us Americans are used to not having any kind of confrontation or accountability whatsoever. Whenever we get even a whiff of almost, it seems like a big deal. Anyhow, here’s the clip. Is she the biggest liar in the administration? No. But she might be the best liar. Unlike the others who lie then allow you to point out the lie, Rice lies and just keeps lying, keeps talking. Doesn’t allow you to repeatedly point out her lies. She knows she’s lying. We all know she’s lying but she’s smart enough to not allow the Congressman to repeatedly point out where it is that she’s lying, thus she comes out not looking so bad. And there you go.

These people are so good at this that you begin to wonder if they actually believe what they are saying. Okay, they aren’t that good. It’s amusing to watch nonetheless.

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