Patriots Have Been Cheating Throughout Entire ‘Dynasty’

So it comes out today, that not only has the 2007 NFL Coach of the Year cheated his way through the 2007 season but through every season since 2000. And he isn’t alone. In the strictest definition of the word it was a c-o-n-spiracy. The Pats organization knew the rules. They knew Belichick was breaking them. And they kept it quiet to allow him to continue doing so. I wonder what folks would be saying about the Colts Super Bowl rings if it came out that Tony Dungy had been cheating the season and perhaps game in which they won it? I wonder how it would play if any black coach was determined to have been cheating while winning top honors. I think he/she would be disciplined, shamed and ordered to give back the awards. Like Marion Jones. The Pats aren’t Super Bowl champs.

The New England Patriots are Super Cheaters. And Bill Belichick is the Head Super Cheater in charge. I love the way that sports commentators and white sports fans treat white crime with kid gloves. No talk of suspending Belichick from the game, something that clearly should happen immediately. No talk of putting asterisks besides the Patriots for the past 7 seasons. No talk of making them give back the Super Bowl rings and declaring their wins invalid. No serious talk of any of this. But let a guy like Barry Bonds break a record and there be–and this isn’t figurative but literal–NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING, ONLY SPECULATION and you get every kind of discrediting comment and idea one can think of for both Bonds and his achievements.

This is called racially selective treatment and it is the way things work in the US. Sports is the arena where it is most visible but this is how things work in all US institutions. From revisionist history of the white slaveholders that established our original apartheid govt (the Founders) to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots celebrated for establishing a dynasty while cheating the whole time. This story is more complex than this for sure but as a black weblog, I’m making a few select points because the whitosphere surely won’t bring em up. We’ve gotta do better people.

Kick Belichick outta the league and make the Pats give back their rings. Will that serve as a deterrent? Of course not. The US is a cheating culture through and through. But it’s the right thing to do.

One Response to “Patriots Have Been Cheating Throughout Entire ‘Dynasty’”

  1. CHMT,

    The degree to which Bill Belichick has cheated has yet to be determined. I’m sure as hell interested in finding out. The man is still brilliant though.

    –The Wow Jones Report

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