The Death Star Rotates Towards Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo ChavezAnd so it begins. The (un)official run-up to, not another coup attempt (but perhaps), but an actual attack on Venezuela? With the months remaining of Bush’s lame duck presidency finally in the single digits (unless the rich cancel the elections) we enter a new act of US/international political theater. This one has a US’ stooge state attempting to get Venezuela in the sights of another US stooge, the UN. Except it’s not the UN. The rich are getting more sophisticated. They use, their client state, Colombia to, based on bogus international terrorism charges, situate Venezuela and Chavez with, not the UN but the International Criminal Court. A court the US refuses to be accountable to. Two birds are killed with one stone in this ploy. The ICC, not being (as much) a US stooge organization will dismiss the bullshit claims coming out of the Colombia/US ploy. This will, at once, intensify popular US antipathy towards the ICC and international accountability organizations generally while slandering the Venezuelan govt and popular movement.

Note how this story comes out on one of the biggest news day of 2008 thus far. Everyone is distracted, watching the other ruling class production starring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, this is a good day to float the idea of Venezuela as a terror state while guaranteeing that there will be no serious analysis at all. Not that ABCNNBCBS and FOX ever do analysis but today will provide a blackout even from the internet, probably.

So this is the beginning of the groundwork for the punditry like Chris Matthews and Bill O’Reilly to begin ‘seriously’ discussing Venezuela as a terror state. And give it another few months before their discussion catches on in the general population and you know the rest. The empire doesn’t have the resources to actually attack Venezuela but this game can be used to decrease international solidarity with Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution, an interesting and revealing tactic in and of itself. Who would have thought the US would, so soon, even give a shit about international solidarity amongst so-called 3rd world countries. It normally would have just economically isolated them or militarily crushed them. The military option has ceased to even exist and because of the exploding derivatives bombs the threadbare curtain hiding the US elite from the US population makes the economic isolation response to Chavez almost as difficult. This ICC attempt to embarrass and isolate Venezuela illustrates the US’ decreasing ability to project military or economic power, a good thing for the popular movements in the southern hemisphere and elsewhere.

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