NYTimes Suggests Rev Wright (and blacks generally) SHUT UP!

The headline says it all.

Not Speaking For Obama, Pastor Speaks For Himself, At Length

If you’re white and not accustomed to scrutinizing the almost constant psychological racial attacks leveled by the Times and other corporate media, you might not immediately notice the acid nature of the NYTimes rhetoric.  Pastor speaks for himself at length?  For surely Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, the late Jerry Falwell…none of these white guys ever spoke at length worthy of notice by the Times.  Right?  What the supremacists over at the Times mean, of course, is that Wright and other blacks as well, should keep quiet with critiques of our apartheid society, the United States of America.

I get it.

However, it is a little surprising to see that the NYTimes has the temerity to print garbage of this caliber. I probably shouldn’t be surprised considering the way that they are cheerleading the wholesale theft by the financial sector to the tune of billions and the promotion of the ongoing Iraqi slaughter.

Oh well. n/t

3 Responses to “NYTimes Suggests Rev Wright (and blacks generally) SHUT UP!”

  1. Great post. Hopefully more of our community wake up and see this hypocritical subjugating nation for exactly what it is, an apartheid regime.


  2. Wright is an Uncle Tom Clinton lover and does what many blacks know how to do, bring down their own kind. He loves the Clintons since they fit the image blacks see themselves as. Collar greens, corn bread and fried chicken and everytime they see another brother rise they have to bring him down. Blacks need racism to justify their economic and social failures, failures they bring to themselves. Like 2pac Shakur said, its my own kind doing all the killing here.

    It also is the hatred and envy that dominates black life that Wright represents. Blacks leaders always hated Obama because he rose in this nation while they lag behind preying on themselves.

    The hell with that Uncle Tom acting like he is some militant. He ain’t nothing but a player hater.

    Everywhere in this world their is oppression but many blacks can’t go on because they can’t fight the demons in them. The demon that make them rob each other, hate each other and abandon their own kids. The demons that makes them envy those among them who shine.

  3. Obama didn’t rise. He was promoted by the same oppressive forces Black people and people of color globally have been fighting for centuries. The Black polity has its problems. Undeniable. But juxtaposing those problems with a corporate tool in the name of Barack Obama is not a solution or even the right direction in which to move towards a solution. Rev. Wright isn’t someone I agree with on many points but it’s not the truths he speaks about this country like the fact that the US has a foreign policy and economic system that almost guarantees it will be hated around the world. I disagree with him in his liberal solutions to these problems. Wright seems fervent about dismantling racism but seems confused about what to do about capitalism. I don’t hear him saying we need to ditch it. But I can’t say what his position is exactly. But Obama?


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